ElasticPress.IO is a fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress

What is ElasticPress.io?

ElasticPress.io provides a search and query engine for WordPress that takes the heavy lifting off your site and enables modern search features like fuzzy matching, autosuggest, and filtering. ElasticPress is now included in some of WP Engine’s eCommerce plans as a proven way to boost revenue on WooCommerce stores. If your site has outgrown traditional WordPress search, or your store’s WooCommerce product filtering needs a boost, ElasticPress.io is the perfect solution for you!

ElasticPress.io lets you take advantage of the power of Elasticsearch in a secure, stable, and performant environment. Skip the hassle of installing, configuring, securing, and maintaining Elasticsearch and focus on customizing your search experience to maximize conversions and deliver high-quality search results to your visitors.

ElasticPress and WP Engine have partnered to give our users a powerful search option with little coding experience needed.

What are the features and benefits of ElasticPress.io?

ElasticPress.io creates the search experience your site and your visitors deserve:

  • Faster, more accurate search results that can be completely customized in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Enhanced search functionality, including fuzzy matching, typo correction, and autosuggest
  • A powerful connector that can handle almost any WordPress or WooCommerce query with near-instant results while eliminating the strain on your WordPress database.
  • A secure ElasticPress server in seconds. Leave the configuration and management of Elasticsearch to the experts.
  • Never go it alone thanks to ElasticPress’s expert support and custom engineering services.
  • Powered by 10up, a trusted name in the WordPress community.

The ElasticPress plugin is and will always be 100% open source and freely available to the WordPress community.

ElasticPress is built on the Elasticsearch NoSQL search engine, which requires considerable knowledge and effort to install and maintain. Elasticsearch leaves data security up to you, which has the potential to expose you to potentially malicious users snooping into your embargoed content or private information like WooCommerce Orders.

Some hosting providers install Elasticsearch directly on your WordPress server(s), which will slow down your overall hosting performance, and leave you open to Elasticsearch failures due to lack of redundancy. All ElasticPress.io plans run on Elasticsearch clusters consisting of at least 3 separate servers, ensuring high availability and consistent performance.

While other cloud providers offer basic authentication options for Elasticsearch, only ElasticPress.io provides a custom-tuned authentication layer designed to protect your WordPress data while enabling a full range of features including near-instant Autosuggest results.

The WP Engine Advantage.

ElasticPress.io is a natural fit with WP Engine WordPress hosting. As a leading provider of managed WordPress, WP Engine goes beyond providing server space, helping its customers succeed by offering and encouraging innovative, secure, and performant solutions.

When ElasticPress.io customers run their WordPress sites on WP Engine, they know that customers are likely using the wide range of development features, such as staging environments and WP-CLI, that are available to them through their WP Engine account. WP Engine’s robust knowledge ecosystem and helpful support team ensure site owners running on WP Engine are empowered to choose quality themes and plugins and make informed decisions around their site architecture. Since the ElasticPress plugin integrates deeply with WordPress and its underlying query engine, the high level of code quality exhibited on WP Engine sites makes the process of adding ElasticPress.io to your site much simpler and quicker.

WP Engine customers are also used to a high-performance WordPress experience, and ElasticPress.io helps to provide that same experience in areas where WordPress’ MySQL architecture runs into inherent limitations: search queries and complex filter queries, especially at scale. As your site grows, chances are you have more content to search through, more products to sell, more orders to fulfill. ElasticPress.io intelligently handles the most problematic queries and optimizes visitor searches, while letting you continue to take advantage of the extensive MySQL tuning WP Engine applies to your site’s database for all other queries.

How do you get started with ElasticPress.io?

To incorporate ElasticPress into a WP Engine account, talk to your account team. Learn more about ElasticPress.io, and sign up for a free trial, by visiting the ElasticPress website. For custom engineering support, please fill out the contact form or email [email protected].

About 10up.

ElasticPress.io is powered by the folks at 10up. 10up makes finely crafted websites, apps, and tools for content creators, leveraging open source technologies like WordPress and React. A global digital agency, 10up offers expertise in strategic planning, experience design, world-class engineering, and related services that help clients increase revenue and achieve their goals–online and beyond. We build delightful, premium, best-in-class experiences for the internet, while helping clients deliver against key results. Fortune 500 giants like Microsoft & Google, prestigious institutions like Stanford and the Nobel Prize committee, and growing digital and brick-and-mortar business entrust 10up to deliver solutions every day and in every corner of the globe.