Global Edge Security powered by Cloudflare

Enterprise-grade security powered by Cloudflare

What is Global Edge Security?

Your site, application, and servers need to be protected in the same way you protect your brand, IP, and offline business assets. This is more easily said than done, as hackers discover new vulnerabilities to exploit every day, resulting in an even increasing scale and sophistication of these attacks. Staying on top of this ever-changing landscape can seem daunting, especially to those who don’t have the time, resources, or personnel available to focus on threat-mitigation full-time. Investing in managed application-level security that defends against new breeds of exploits is a convenient way to protect your business risk and protect your revenue.

To that end, WP Engine offers Global Edge Security, or GES, which is a high-performance advanced security solution offered in partnership with Cloudflare. With DDoS protection and a WAF with built-in expert rule sets from the combined intelligence of Cloudflare and WP Engine, Global Edge Security offers best security protection against top OWASP security vulnerabilities, nefarious acts, and DDoS attacks that threaten to black out your digital business.

What are the features and benefits of Global Edge Security?

Global Edge Security, or GES, offers 4 main benefits.

  • It ensures your app and server availability with a managed WAF that includes a WordPress-specific ruleset.
  • It includes DDoS protection at transport layers 3,4 and 7.
  • GES customers get a global performance boost, as the product includes Cloudflare’s CDN with over 150 datacenter locations.
  • Finally, users of GES enjoy SSL/TLS encryption handshakes that happen closer to their end user for improved performance.

The WP Engine Advantage.

There is no silver bullet to website security, and it is recommended you use a multi-factor security strategy. In addition to the data encryption, automatic security updates, and vulnerability scanning already included in WP Engine’s platform, Global Edge Security offers DDoS protection and a managed WAF at the network edge, which allows your server to focus on performing for real site visitors.

How do you get started with Global Edge Security?

Global Edge Security is available for all WP Engine customers. If you are a current customer, contact your account manager to understand how to add it to your account. New customers can purchase Global Edge Security as an add on when you sign up for WP Engine.

About WP Engine.

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