Sell your posts with Laterpay and accept payments in the most convenient way

What is Laterpay?

Laterpay makes buying and selling content effortless. They offer an extremely flexible paywall platform that enables WordPress users of all sizes to easily monetize any digital content, including articles, ebooks, audio, video and livestreams. The Laterpay WordPress plugin saves people time by giving them access to what they want, when they want, how they want it.

In addition to other paywall features, Laterpay makes it easy for users to buy your content, asking for registration and payment only when their purchases total $5.00, which doubles the repurchase rate. Collect voluntary contributions, sell individual pieces of content, timed access to your site, recurring subscriptions, or ad-free access – at any price point. This allows you, the publisher, to earn money from all of your users, not just subscribers.

What are the features and benefits of Laterpay?

The Laterpay WordPress plugin is easy to implement and offers a user interface that gives you complete control over pricing, look and feel, as well as the features you choose to use:

  • Plugin and Play: The plugin comes with pre-set test credentials, so you can start testing immediately. Pricing content is painless — if you want to sell a large number of posts, simply set a global purchase price for all your content (or individual posts, or categories). You don’t have to set a price for all of them individually.
  • Selling Options: Choose from a single purchase, time pass, or subscription model to sell your content. Sell individual posts, pages, or media; offer time passes for time-limited access; or sell subscription packages with automatic renewal.
  • Voucher Codes: Create voucher codes to offer a time pass at a discounted price or free of charge to get users interested in your content.
  • Variable Pricing: Offer your content at a set price, and set the price to change automatically with time as the content becomes more or less valuable, freeing you to focus on the present.
  • Customization: A variety of appearance and customization options, hooks, and advanced settings allow you to tailor the Laterpay WordPress plugin to your site’s look and feel.
  • Currencies and Price Range: The plugin supports USD as well as EUR, and you can set prices between 0.05 and 149.99.
  • Existing Subscriber: If you have an existing subscriber base, you can grant free access to specific user groups, so they don’t have to pay twice

There are no up-front fees to start using Laterpay. Instead, their incentives are aligned, operating on a revenue-sharing model, whereby Laterpay only earns money once you do. Working on a revenue sharing basis, Laterpay charges a rate of 15% of actual revenue generated with the plugin. This gives a strong incentive to ensure that anyone who uses Laterpay succeeds and earns the maximum revenue.

The WP Engine Advantage.

WP Engine powers hundreds of thousands of WordPress digital experiences for its customers around the world. The Laterpay plugin works out of the box and is the easiest way for users to integrate the payment solution into any WordPress-based website – a critical factor for WP Engine’s customers, who require a truly seamless user experience.

Laterpay focuses on the user and makes it as simple as possible for readers to buy or contribute to digital content. Consumers increasingly expect to access content easily and immediately without interruptions or additional steps, and so Laterpay continues to make it easier for publishers to monetize their content.

In this way Laterpay is able to offer WP Engine’s customers an effective, simple solution for converting casual readers into paying customers, while also putting them in control of what they do with their money. It’s all about reader trust and choice. Once a relationship has been established, your readers can more easily be upsold to other revenue models, such as subscriptions.

Combining WP Engine and Laterpay services allows you to simplify management of you site and convert casual readers into paying customers, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Users like their control of what and how they buy. It’s all about reader trust and choice. Once a relationship has been established, your readers can more easily be upsold to other revenue models, such as subscriptions.

How do you get started with Laterpay?

Laterpay is available for all WP Engine customers. You can read more about the Laterpay WordPress Plugin here. If you’re ready to get started, you can download the plugin on the plugin repository and begin monetizing your content in the most convenient way.

About Laterpay.

Consuming paid content and services should be as easy as a single click. Instead of requiring upfront registration and payment – which derails over 98% of all intended purchases – Laterpay defers this process until customer purchases combined reach a $5 threshold. This gets users over the hurdle of paying for content, dramatically increasing sales, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Laterpay owns patented technology for enabling micropayments without upfront registration, facilitated by the “use now, pay later” approach. Laterpay aims to empower content providers to monetize the vast space that lives between ads and subscriptions. To learn more, visit