WordPress speed optimization service for small businesses, website owners and agencies, WordPress maintenance service and SEO services.

What is OptimizeWP?

OptimizeWP is a WordPress speed optimization service specializing in ongoing performance maintenance for WordPress sites. Their small team of WordPress experts personally manage your site’s speed, security and technical issues each month, giving you peace of mind knowing that your website is always running at full speed. OptimizeWP’s goal is to continuously improve search engine rankings and conversion rates for our clients.

OptimizeWP is able to assist with any type of WordPress website, from small businesses and blogs to large eCommerce or membership sites. There are also white-label services and generous referral commissions for WordPress agencies looking for a reliable partner to handle their customers ongoing support, maintenance and speed optimization needs.

When you partner with OptimizeWP, you can rest assured knowing that OptimizeWP goes above and beyond standard WordPress maintenance and support services by treating each client website as if it were theirs. Each millisecond of page load time counts when a visitor lands on your website. Therefore, OptimizeWP takes every measure to ensure that your site is running as fast as possible at all times.

What are the features and benefits of OptimizeWP?

Speed Optimization

  • General WordPress optimizations
  • Performance and SEO monitoring
  • CDN and caching configuration
  • Image compression and optimization
  • HTML, CSS and JS minification

WordPress Maintenance

  • Core, plugin and theme updates
  • Secure off-site cloud backups
  • 24/7 security and uptime monitoring
  • Version control and QA testing
  • Error fixing and bug reporting

WordPress Support

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly reports
  • General WordPress help and support
  • Code reviews, audits and fixes
  • Emergency support and malware removal
  • Google analytics management

All of these features help to continuously improve search engine rankings and conversion rates.

WordPress SEO Services

  • On-page search engine optimization
  • Content recommendations and advice
  • Yoast or RankMath configuration
  • Image and media optimizations
  • Site architecture and technical SEO

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

  • CRO software integration
  • CRO recommendations and advice
  • CSS design tweaks
  • A/B testing software installation
  • Conversion rate analysis

White-label WordPress Services

  • Generous referral commissions
  • Automated unbranded reporting
  • Unbranded client portal
  • Discounted pricing for multiple sites
  • 30 day money back guarantee

The WP Engine Advantage.

WP Engine has been OptimizeWP’s hosting partner of choice from the beginning. WP Engine’s unmatched server speed, friendly support staff and commitment to the WordPress community are some of the main reasons that OptimizeWP personally use and recommend WP Engine hosting to their customers. OptimizeWP’s experience with the WP Engine platform allows them to further enhance the experience for their customers, ensuring that each customer’s themes, plugins and other software work flawlessly with WP Engine’s server configuration so that your site is getting the most out of all areas in terms of speed and performance.

Not only does OptimizeWP know the WP Engine platform inside and out, but they also have many years of experience developing and working with the Genesis Framework, WP Engine’s theme framework of choice. Lee Anthony, founder of OptimizeWP also started SEOThemes.com, which created some of the most popular child themes and add-ons for the Genesis Framework to date. Though OptimizeWP is not limited to working with the Genesis Framework, it does allow them to offer an unmatched advantage when it comes to WordPress themes and plugin knowledge.

Since OptimizeWP know the WP Engine platform, server setup and ecosystem so well, they are able to configure your website to reach its optimal speed, ensuring that you are always running the cutting-edge software and implementing the latest standards, taking advantage of any changes in web technology. This is increasingly important due to Google’s ever-changing algorithms, and OptimizeWP is here to make sure that their clients are always in the best position and at the forefront of these changes. You can rest easy knowing that OptimizeWP has your back!

How do you get started with OptimizeWP?

Getting started is easy! Simply head over to the OptimizeWP website and select whichever plan suits your needs the best. OptimizeWP offers a 30-day money back guarantee so you can feel safe when signing up, that if their service isn’t for you, then you’ll receive a full refund.

If you would like to learn more about what OptimizeWP can do for your business, feel free to send them a message or even book a video call to discuss your goals. All conversations are obligation free, and OptimizeWP is happy to just have a chat and provide some free recommendations for your website.

For agencies or affiliates who would like to partner with and start earning generous referral commissions, please apply to become a partner through our affiliate system.

About OptimizeWP.

OptimizeWP was created to meet the growing demands of website owners looking to keep their WordPress sites up to date, secure and lightning fast. There are plenty of WordPress maintenance services out there, however, few have the dedication and focus to speed optimization that we do. By focussing solely on speed and performance, everything else falls into place and takes care of itself. We don’t limit ourselves to only maintenance or support services because we believe that they are only a small part of running a website. Everything we do when maintaining your website has a purpose, and that purpose is to generate more leads, and convert more of those leads into customers. We do that by continuously improving your search engine rankings and optimizing conversion rates.