Rublon Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Protect your website by verifying logins via email or Rublon mobile app

What is Rublon?

Rublon is a cybersecurity service that protects your organization’s applications, servers and networks against data breaches by enabling easy-to-use multi-factor authentication for your workforce.

Rublon protects your WordPress Dashboard against unauthorized access by verifying logins using one of the many supported standards-based authentication methods like Mobile Push for quick and easy one-tap login approval on smartphones. Only selected users or user groups are required to verify their logins using Rublon.

What are the features and benefits of Rublon?

  • Enable strong authentication.
    Enable strong authentication to WordPress using U2F keys (e.g. YubiKey). Let users approve login requests via Mobile Push using Rublon Authenticator (Android, iOS). Mobile Passcodes (TOTP) and SMS enable access to users whose mobile device is offline. Users without an authentication device may approve logins via email. You decide which authentication methods are available for users.Users may ask Rublon to remember their devices as trusted devices. Such devices enable users to access their accounts without MFA login approval.
  • Comply with data processing regulations.
    Multi-factor authentication is required by an increasing number of compliance programs, especially in financial services, healthcare, retail and technology. Meet regulatory compliance requirements by deploying Rublon’s two-factor authentication across your entire organization. Protect logins to networks via VPN, servers via SSH, cloud apps like Salesforce and self-hosted apps like WordPress. Use the Rublon Web SDK to integrate with your own custom-built applications.Organizations processing data of European citizens must comply with EU General Data Processing Regulations (GDPR). As regulators value the presence of two-factor authentication during audits, every company that processes consumer data may lower its GDPR risk by using MFA.
  • Let users enroll themselves easily.
    Rublon’s unique approach to user self-enrollment enables an easy deployment of two-factor authentication at your organization. Rublon identifies users by email address. When a user signs into an account that is associated with an email address that belongs to your organization, Rublon automatically assigns this user to your organization. Rublon Authenticator lets users add multiple email addresses to their account.
  • Go free or upgrade to protect all users.
    Use Rublon without limits during your 30-day trial (no credit card required). When the trial ends, you will be downgraded to the free subscription, which allows you to protect up to 1 user account. You may upgrade to the paid subscription for only $1 per user per month (min. $30/month) at any time.

The WP Engine Advantage.

Rublon knows that security and reliability are very important for WP Engine customers. Being the web’s most popular CMS, WordPress websites is always under attack. It was clear that Rublon needed to partner with WP Engine in order to help make WordPress even more secure by ensuring secure access to the WordPress Dashboard. Enabling WordPress administrators to easily activate multi-factor authentication for their users was always a priority for Rublon, just like the authentication experience for users.

Rublon enables WP Engine customers to not only strongly authenticate users, but also to comply with data protection regulations like GDPR. By selecting Rublon for their Solution Center, WP Engine shows how much it cares about its customers.

How do you get started with Rublon?

To get started, visit Rublon’s website and sign up by clicking on “Free Trial” and filling out the registration form. A credit card is not required. You will receive access to the Rublon Admin Console, where you can add your applications like WordPress and generate API credentials.

Then, install Rublon on your WordPress website by downloading it from the official WordPress plugin repository and enter your Rublon API credentials. It is recommend that you install the Rublon Authenticator mobile app on your mobile device, but you and your users will be also guided through this during their first authentication with Rublon.

Your trial will last 30 days and you will be able to upgrade to the paid subscription at any time inside the Rublon Admin Console.

About Rublon.

Rublon is a service provided by Adips, a technology vendor that focuses on business software. Adips helps businesses create value by providing them with software tools that leverage the latest technological advancements, allowing them to reach their full potential in a globally connected world. We identify market opportunities, design business solutions, develop easy-to-use technology, market products globally and support customers to help them achieve their goals.