Safe Redirect Manager

A WordPress plugin to safely and easily manage your website's HTTP redirects.

What is Safe Redirect Manager?

Easily and safely manage your site’s redirects the WordPress way. There are many redirect plugins available. Most of them store redirects in the options table or in custom tables. Most of them provide tons of unnecessary options. Some of them have serious performance implications (404 error logging). Safe Redirect Manager stores redirects as Custom Post Types. This makes your data portable and your website scalable. Safe Redirect Manager is built to handle enterprise level traffic and is used on major publishing websites. The plugin comes with only what you need following the WordPress mantra, decisions not options. Actions and filters make the plugin very extensible.

What are the features and benefits of Safe Redirect Manager?

  • A WordPress plugin to safely and easily manage your website’s HTTP redirects.
  • Each redirect contains a few fields that you can utilize: “Redirect From”, “Redirect To”, and “HTTP Status Code”.
  • By default redirect loop detection is disabled. To prevent redirect loops you can filter `srm_check_for_possible_redirect_loops`.
  • Safe Redirect Manager is available in English and other languages. A listing of those languages and instructions for translating the plugin into other languages is available on Translating WordPress. Many thanks to the contributors on the translation teams!

The WP Engine Advantage.

WP Engine’s platform was built for developing and hosting fast, reliable, and secure WordPress sites. Safe Redirect Manager extends that reliability by allowing you to safely and easily manage your website’s HTTP redirects and ensure your site is built to handle enterprise level traffic and is used on major publishing websites.

How do you get started with Safe Redirect Manager?

Safe Redirect Manager is available for all WP Engine customers. If you need help with configuration or customization, then contact 10up for assistance.

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