WP 2FA – The Complete 2FA Solution for WordPress

Improve your WordPress authentication, boost productivity, and keep data secure with 2FA for WordPress.

What is WP 2FA?

2FA, short for two-factor authentication, adds a secondary authentication layer to improve WordPress access security. Big-name companies such as Google and Microsoft are making 2FA mandatory for all their users, and you can too, thanks to WP 2FA.

When using 2FA for WordPress, users logging in to your site have to authenticate using two factors instead of just the usual username and password. WP 2FA offers a number of different options, ensuring all users can secure their accounts with 2FA.

WP2FA login

When installing WP 2FA and enabling two-factor authentication for your and your users’ accounts, you mitigate risks associated with password theft and unauthorized access while complying with industry standards and regulations.

What are the features and benefits of WP 2FA?

WP 2FA packs a punch thanks to its numerous features, packed in an easy-to-use package that will have your WordPress website secured in no time at all

Support for multiple 2FA methods – Choose from different 2FA methods, including 2FA backup codes for continued access in emergencies

Universal 2FA app support – Supports all TOTP 2FA authentication apps for lower entry barriers

Configurable 2FA policies – Ensure the users you want to use 2FA use it by configuring policies that require users to configure and use 2FA

Require 2FA on password reset – Require users to enter their 2FA code upon password reset for additional security

Grace period – Choose whether to give users a grace period to set up 2FA or require configuration on the next login

No WordPress dashboard access required – Users can configure 2FA without requiring dashboard access

By upgrading to premium WP 2FA

Full white labeling capabilities – Fully customize the look and feel of users’ 2FA experience with extensive white labeling options

Trusted devices – Give your most trusted users the ability to register their devices as trusted devices and avoid entering 2FA with every login

Additional 2FA methods – Gain access to additional 2FA methods, including Authy’s push notification, SMS, one-click link over email, and others

Policies per role – Define 2FA policies by role for more granular control over 2FA implementation and usage

The WP Engine Advantage

WP 2FA is a feature-rich plugin that allows WordPress administrators and website owners to seriously boost the security of their WordPress authentication process. Whether you’re just starting with your first WordPress website, manage an enterprise website, or anything in between, WP 2FA is the 2FA WordPress plugin you need.

WP 2FA partnered with WP Engine because they share the same values; that is, the mutual desire to help customers better manage and secure their WordPress websites and multisite networks.

WP Engine has a rock solid, secure, and hassle-free managed WordPress hosting solution, and combined with this comprehensive activity logs plugin, fits right in for a complete WordPress security solution.

By hosting your websites on WP Engine and installing WP 2FA, you won’t have to worry about maintaining third-party complex WordPress security solutions. You have a stable and secure web host, and they also have a record of everything that happens on your website.

How to get started with WP 2FA

Getting started with WP 2FA is very straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Choose the plan that best fits your requirements, and once the plugin is installed and activated, simply follow the friendly setup wizard to get 2FA up and running.

WP2FA Wizard


The plugin offers extensive documentation and comes with email support should you need it.

What customers are saying about WP 2FA

I was looking for an up-to-date plugin that allows for 2FA on a website where standard users have no access to the backend, this plugin fit the bill perfectly. Support staff are also helpful, quick to respond, and knowledgeable.


Support is responsive and knowledgeable. Possible to use custom or third-party frontend login forms. 2FA can be self-configured by users and managed from the frontend, with support for WooCommerce.

About Melapress

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