WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log

The most comprehensive & easy to use real-time WordPress audit trail plugin

What is WP Activity Log?

Do you know who is logged in on your WordPress website right now? Do you have a record of the WooCommerce store and products changes your managers did last week, or who changed some of the content?

WP Activity Log
Use the activity log to see what is happening on your website and who is doing what.

Boost user accountability and productivity, improve website security, ease troubleshooting and gain control of your WordPress: keep a record of all the changes that happen with WP Activity Log – a comprehensive real-time WordPress activity log plugin with the broadest coverage.

WP Activity Log is easy to use, fully configurable and allows you to fine-tune the activity logs to your business requirements.

You can also configure instant SMS & email notifications, generate site and user changes reports, mirror the activity logs to third party solutions such as Slack and much more.

What are the features and benefits of WP Activity Log?

Keep a log of everything that happens on your WordPress website and multisite network with the WP Activity Log and:

  • Ensure user productivity and improve user accountability.
  • Better manage and organize your WordPress website and users.
  • Ease troubleshooting – no more guesswork and blaming games with your clients. With the logs you can easily find and pinpoint the source of any technical problem on your and your clients’ WordPress websites.
  • Improve the state of security of your WordPress website – security is not a one time process. It is a continuous process of Hardening > Monitoring & Logging > Testing > Improve.
  • Identify suspicious behavior & malicious WordPress attacks – identify suspicious behavior and thwart it before it materializes in an attack and damages your website. Get instantly notified if as a user logs in during an odd time or from an unusual IP address, or some content or WooCommerce product has changed and it was not support to changed.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements – GDPR, PCI DSS and many other compliance bodies require businesses to keep a log of all the changes that happen on their websites.

By upgrading your WordPress activity log plugin solution to the next level, you:

  • Get instantly notified of critical and suspicious website changes via SMS messages and emails.
  • See who is logged in to your website in real time and remotely terminate any or all sessions.
  • Limit and manage simultaneous users sessions.
  • Generate any type of user and website changes reports.
  • Receive daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly activity logs reports automatically on email.
  • Use the advanced search and filters to find what you are looking for in the activity log within seconds.
  • Store the WordPress activity log in an external database to improve website security and performance.
  • Mirror your website’s activity logs to third party central logging and collaboration solutions such as Slack and syslog.
WP Activity Log
See who is logged in to your WordPress website in real time and manage their sessions.

The WP Engine Advantage

There is no silver bullet solution in WordPress security. So it is imperative to have several solutions that address every aspect of the security of your website, including WordPress activity logs.

WP Activity Log partnered with WP Engine because they share the same values; that is, the mutual desire to help customers better manage and secure their WordPress websites and multisite networks.

WP Engine has a rock solid, secure and hassle-free managed WordPress hosting solution, and combined with this comprehensive activity logs plugin, fits right in for a complete WordPress security solution.

By hosting your websites on WP Engine and installing WP Activity Log, you won’t have to worry about maintaining third party complex WordPress security solutions. You have a stable and secure web host and they also have a record of everything that happens on your website.

How do you get started with WP Activity Log?

Download WP Activity Log and keep a log of every change that happens on your WordPress website and multisite network. Claim control of your website now!

What are customers saying?
This is a great plugin for keeping an eye on changes made to files on the server. It is very easy to use with a smooth UI, plus it seems very accurate based on my current usage and tests. Even better the reports are well-organized and easily managed. – Jeff Starr

The plugin does exactly what it says and does it great! In addition, as a developer, I had the chance to take a look at the “engine”, i.e. the code, and that’s one of the best-coded WordPress plugins that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen hundreds). Very modular and extensible, and the object-oriented architecture is superb. Kodus! – Vova Feldman, Freemius.com.

About Melapress

Melapress is a European company that develops high-quality WordPress security & admin plugins to help administrators better manage and secure their websites. The company was founded in 2013. Today, our plugins are used on more than 400,000 WordPress websites.

Our flagship product is WP Activity Log, the most comprehensive activity log plugin with the broadest coverage. Our plugins are used by businesses such as NASA, Disney and Bosch and have been featured on some of the top WordPress publications.