State of Headless Development

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With so many businesses still using a traditional CMS, headless development remains nascent. Yet, the need for omnichannel content delivery has increased tenfold. Content managers and developers seek to close the gap between writing and deploying beautiful content, wanting ease of use and flexibility.

Therefore, as more players enter the headless development space, it’s useful for you to know who’s who. WPEngine blog writer Abe Selig, with the help of research firm Vanson Bourne, has created a guide for the current state of headless. Naturally, it’s called The State Of Headless: A Global Research Report.

We encourage you to read the blog in its entirety, but here are some key takeaways:


  • Headless technology has thus far seen the most adoption from enterprise level users. Over 64% of users who responded to the research said they use some form of headless.
  • 92% of all respondents believe that headless delivers a more consistent content experience for end-users.
  • Most concerns around headless revolve around the skill needed for set up and cost.
  • Users who choose headless technology do so because of the performance benefits, eCommerce, and to deliver content across several IoT devices.

Want to know more? Give The State Of Headless: A Global Research Report a read.