Algolia Search

Search plugin that helps users find your best content.

Algolia Search

Every Great Find Starts with a Great Search


Algolia is a Search-as-a-Service plugin for your WordPress site. We integrate directly with WordPress to give you the building blocks for creating an advanced conversational search experience. Our full-stack solution takes the pain out of building search; you can implement Algolia in just a few minutes, without a single line of code. In addition, we maintain the infrastructure & the engine, so you can focus on delighting your users.

Join 3,500+ customers powering their search experience with Algolia.

Algolia Benefits

Relevant search results, always and anywhere

Get your relevance game on point with the addition of features like typo-tolerance, custom ranking and a completely language-agnostic search solution.

Real-time search experience

Have your search results page, facets, navigation and pagination updated in real time, after each keystroke.

Out-of-the-box autocomplete

Serve up your latest posts, pages, tags and categories from a drop-down menu which displays relevant results even before your users finish typing their queries.


Optimize your content with valuable insights into user behaviour with the help of our simple analytics tools.

Search in Action

Birchbox increased AVERAGE ORDER VALUE BY 12%

Quicksilver saw a 50% INCREASE IN CONVERSION RATE from searches to check out

Growth Hackers saw +600% INCREASE IN TIME ON SITE from users who started with search

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