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Trusted by leading brands to design comprehensive experiences, WebDevStudios develops strategic WordPress solutions that deliver results. WebDevStudios is more than a good first impression. We are a long-term partner in the ongoing growth and success of your digital property. WebDevStudios establishes lasting client relationships that extend beyond launch. We are here for you in the long haul, ensuring that your web strategies consistently continue to work in your favor.

Our team leads the way by using WordPress to architect and build cutting edge web and mobile experiences. We provide end-to-end WordPress opportunities from strategy and planning to design and development, as well as full data migration, extensive API integrations, scalability, performance and long-term guidance and maintenance. We pride ourselves in the fact that our entire team is continually learning best practices for developing in WordPress and assuring that your website is fast, safe and secure.

With an impressive track record partnering with Fortune 500 companies, such as Microsoft and Viacom, mid-market businesses enjoy partnering up with us, too. That is because we are successful at creating and providing affordable website solutions that remain within budget, including custom development, design, eCommerce, and more.

WebDevStudios literally wrote the book on WordPress. Our owners, Brad Williams and Lisa Sabin-Wilson are authors of multiple, best-selling books on the topic of WordPress development and design. For the past 10+ years we've been sharing our expertise to help everyone from seasoned developers to bloggers new to the web to understand and harness the power of WordPress.

Featured portfolio items.

Campbell Soup Company: Company Importer Plugin

Mmm mmm good! The Campbell Soup Company is an American producer of canned soups and other food items that sell in 120 countries across the world.

Campbell's hired WebDevStudios to build a custom plugin that is capable of supporting the migration of thousands of recipes and products from their internal API into a WordPress Multisite Network. To support this, we created a custom UI that empowers their team to create their own custom migrations and schedule them to run directly from the WP dashboard.

Data Sync from Custom API We created recurring data syncs using a custom API that allows end users to schedule a migration to run as often as they need. Each data sync adds new content as well as updates existing content as needed based on the last modified time stamp.

Scheduled Migration With access to their internal API, we were able to create a nightly sync that imports data into different designated sites on their WordPress Multisite Network.


Skype in Media [Microsoft]

Skype is a popular video and voice call service application that has transformed the way we communicate, and another Microsoft property that we had the privilege of working on! WebDevStudios was hired to rebuild and redesign the site for Skype TX, a broadcasting hardware and software solution that allows users to integrate Skype callers from anywhere in the world into broadcasts. Skype TX has been used for news, TV and film, conferences, and more, and is a broadcasting solution that takes video and voice calls to the next level.

WebDevStudios manually migrated all of their content from an old system to a new one, put Skype TX on WP Engine, and created a new design that better reflects their needs for their current user base.

WebDevStudios worked with Skype on a collaborative custom design phase that ended with a simple, refreshed look that still adheres to the internationally recognized Skype branding.

We worked with the Skype team to understand their goals, make the site easier to navigate, and easier for the editorial team to control and manage their content.

Our design process takes our clients from sketch, to launch. We do more than create a look. We connect with you and help you next-level your brand.


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