BigCommerce Blueprint for Atlas

Atlas Blueprint for BigCommerce

Unlock the power of headless composable commerce for WordPress with WP Engine's Atlas Blueprint for BigCommerce

As consumer expectations continue to evolve, composable commerce offers businesses the agility to adapt and innovate quickly. This level of agility enables them to stay ahead in a competitive landscape while efficiently integrating with emerging technologies and market trends.

Now, you can embrace composable commerce with WordPress and WP Engine’s Atlas Blueprint for BigCommerce, to not only meet current consumer demands but also future-proof your eCommerce footprint for continued growth and success.

Composable Headless Commerce for WordPress 

Launch an online storefront—with the flexibility of WordPress and powered by BigCommerce—in less than 10 minutes. With WP Engine’s Atlas Blueprint for BigCommerce, you can dive into headless eCommerce projects without the hassle of time-consuming setup. Jumpstart your next eCommerce site with a comprehensive storefront starter project that positions you for immediate success.

Why Opt for Atlas?

Atlas, WP Engine’s all-in-one headless platform, is designed to integrate WordPress seamlessly with your preferred technologies, for both front-end and back-end development. Atlas allows you to achieve peak flexibility, scalability, performance, and security, all while enjoying faster development cycles and more streamlined workflows.

Unrivaled Composable Capabilities

WP Engine’s Atlas Blueprint for BigCommerce is the all-in-one headless eCommerce solution tailor-made for WordPress and preconfigured for BigCommerce. Future-proof your online store with the freedom and adaptability to craft distinctive, personalized experiences for your clients, all while conserving valuable time and resources. Try it today!

App Features

  • Atlas Connector Plugin for BigCommerce: Our advanced API connector synchronizes products from third-party sources directly into the WordPress database as Atlas Content Modeler models, all from your WP Admin dashboard.
  • Atlas Product Blocks for BigCommerce: Unleash the true potential of your store’s content with our custom product blocks. Showcase store content using the WordPress front-end editor, granting you unprecedented creative control and design freedom.
  • WPGraphQL: Enable a WordPress GraphQL API to display pages and content on your front end while querying your data with enhanced clarity.
  • Faust.js: An optional, lightning-fast, Next.js-based framework for introducing common WordPress features like previews and page template hierarchy into your headless project.

Explore Success Stories

Discover how businesses like Combat Corner and Click Here Labs have unlocked the potential of Composable Commerce with a stellar 431% performance boost using the Atlas Blueprint for BigCommerce.

Learn more about their story below!