End-to-end headless eCommerce for WordPress is live! The official BigCommerce Blueprint is now available in the Atlas portal so you can spin up fully functioning headless eCommerce sites in under 10 minutes.

Every merchant wants a high-powered, heavily customizable eCommerce site. They expect an easy way to manage inventory and the ability to easily personalize the frontend shopping experience using best-of-breed vendors of their choosing—all delivered at top speed.

While headless and composable commerce are in many ways charting the future of eCommerce, new technologies and added complexity make it difficult for agencies and developers to upgrade and modernize their workflows. 

Analyzing architecture and working across platforms to build an API-centric solution from scratch takes hundreds of hours and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars making it cost-prohibitive for most merchants. 

Until now.

The Atlas BigCommerce Blueprint streamlines production with end-to-end headless commerce for WordPress so you can get your first headless eCommerce store to production faster. Now you can create composable stores on a proven architecture with prepackaged plugins, connected end-points, and world-class developer resources that reduce the friction for getting started.

What’s in the Box?

Atlas has grown into the premier all-in-one solution for learning, building, and serving headless WordPress. The BigCommerce Blueprint (which joins the ranks of other Atlas Blueprints for headless WordPress) is a real-world example with everything you need to connect your Commerce engine of choice with headless WordPress.

Try the new BigCommerce Blueprint for free using an Atlas sandbox account!

The Atlas BigCommerce Blueprint joins the ranks of other Atlas Blueprints for headless WordPress.

The blueprint is a complete storefront starter project built on Atlas and connected to the BigCommerce eCommerce platform, allowing you to hit the ground running on headless eCommerce projects without having to start from scratch.

Users of the BigCommerce Blueprint are already setting up the basics of their eCommerce sites in ~10 minutes or less, replacing a process that could otherwise take hours if not weeks when starting from square one.   

The BigCommerce Blueprint also extends the functionality of Atlas with two plugins for quickly connecting the BigCommerce platform. It includes: 

  • Complete starter blueprint with storefront: Built on Atlas with a Faust.js frontend, your starter headless storefront is connected to the BigCommerce platform
  • Atlas Connector for BigCommerce: API that allows you to sync products from third parties into the WordPress database as Atlas Content Modeler (ACM) models via WP Admin.
  • Atlas Product Blocks for BigCommerce: Custom blocks related to products and WP Engine eCommerce that can be used to render eCommerce content with the WP editor.
  • Preconfigured tools like Faust.js, WPGraphQL, and more: The BigCommerce Blueprint installs all your tools and provides demo content to get you started quickly.

Through webhooks and custom data stored in Atlas, we ensure that updates are always reflected with what is in the eCommerce platform. 

Why Are Merchants Going Headless?

Headless is all the rage and for obvious reasons. The performance benefits associated with headless sites are unmatched and the flexibility this modern web architecture provides makes it easy to scale and pivot on a dime. 

Additionally, as companies look to embrace composable, or modular approaches to eCommerce, headless is set to play an even larger role, offering an efficient pathway for connecting existing architectures and codebases.  

Gartner predicts organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace their competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation. 

But just as headless and composable commerce continue to rise in popularity, the list of headless options, costs, and various platforms continues to expand. 

Streamlining the headless eCommerce experience was a major motivation for building the Atlas BigCommerce Blueprint, which brings much-needed simplicity to an area that’s grown unnecessarily complex.    

Who Is the BigCommerce Blueprint For?

The BigCommerce Blueprint is for any site owner or developer interested in exploring headless WordPress through an eCommerce lens, but it’s also for: 

  • Agencies in need of a scalable solution for building headless eCommerce client sites.
  • Businesses with existing eCommerce storefronts and large product catalogs.
  • Online retailers looking for a composable approach to multi or omnichannel eCommerce.

If you’re interested in exploring new solutions for your growing eCommerce site, the BigCommerce Blueprint is a great way to get a head start on headless and build a unified eCommerce experience across your customer touchpoints.

Learn More

To find out more about the BigCommerce Blueprint as well as additional Atlas tools you can use for headless WordPress sites, visit WP Engine, or speak to a representative now.