Block WordPress Themes Worth Exploring

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Block WordPress Themes

WordPress 6.0 finally brings us closer to a full site editing experience, with all the tools needed to build a website from start to finish.

With the introduction of Full Site Editing, users can easily create layouts and edit every aspect of a website using WordPress’ core features. In addition, there’s no limit placed on what kind of design element a website can have.

What is a block theme?

A block theme is a WordPress theme with templates entirely composed of blocks so that in addition to the post content of the different post types (pages, posts, …), the block editor can also be used to edit all areas of the site: headers, footers, sidebars, etc. (Source: WordPress)

As the push toward the 6.1 release continues, it’s worth noting which WordPress themes have embraced this new style of building. Below are some of the best-designed and most powerful block-based themes.

Bright Mode

Bright Mode WordPress Theme
Bright Mode WordPress Theme by Brian Gardner

Bright Mode is a block theme for those who love modern design and vibrant colors. Leveraging preset gradients and the Outfit font, Bright Mode allows users to showcase their content and make a lasting impact on everyone.

It is a work-in-progress and evolving—fresh patterns, new templates, and variations are coming. So check back for updates on this powerful theme.

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Frost WordPress Theme
Frost WordPress Theme by WP Engine

Frost is a well-designed WordPress theme with functional patterns such as hero and portfolio sections, call-to-actions, testimonials, and more. Intuitive and easy-to-use, Frost enables designers, developers, and creators to build a sophisticated, mobile-optimized WordPress website in minutes.

With global styles and full site editing capability introduced by the WordPress block editor, building a website has never been this fun.

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Poe WordPress Theme
Poe WordPress Theme by Anders Norén

With more than 30 patterns to choose from, the Poe WordPress theme provides the perfect layout for any project. It has a clean, versatile design, which can showcase your work for clients or allow you to publish a professional blog.

Poe takes advantage of WordPress 6.0 and Full Site Editing, utilizing global styles and variations, and offers a small footprint for building block themes.

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Twenty Twenty-Two

Twenty Twenty-Two WordPress Theme
Twenty Twenty-Two Theme by

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Twenty Twenty-Two is a versatile block-based theme that allows you to customize your site’s look and feel with Full Site Editing features introduced in WordPress 5.9. This gives every page an individualized flavor while being fully customizable at any time.

With a bird-inspired design, Twenty Twenty-Two is perfect for those who want a unique website. The styles are inspired by nature and the versatility of birds—resulting in lightweight typography and an eco-friendly palette.


Wabi WordPress Theme
Wabi WordPress Theme by Rich Tabor

Wabi is a WordPress theme that helps you easily tell your story. It features simple design language with clean lines emphasizing typography to make it perfect for writers or publishers who want their work published on the web.

Wabi is the most expressive and adaptable writing theme yet. With multiple style variants (light, dark or dynamic color schemes) at your fingertips, you’ll have no problem finding a variant that suits whatever mood strikes.

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