Build Mode Live: March 2023 Sessions

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During the month of March, we spent time talking about design choices (as we prepared for the upcoming unveiling of Frost v1.0.0) as well as what was coming to WordPress 6.2 which was released on March 29, 2023.

What is Build Mode

Live conversations with the community about modern WordPress, the future of the Site Editor, and how it all impacts site builders. Co-hosted by Sam Munoz & Brian Gardner.

Resources & Links

We share a lot of resources during these sessions, here are some of the most valuable references made this month:

Feedback about Build Mode Live

This month we asked attendees about the value they receive through conversations during Build Mode Live.

Here are some key takeaways when prompted with the question “Why Are You Here?” (paraphrased):

  • I am here to be inspired and hang out with the people who create the tools I use (Brian, etc).
  • I am a Genesis user / classic WordPress user and I come to Build Mode Live because I’m excited about what is coming to WordPress and BML gets to be a place for education and keeping up to date with all of the changes. I am feeling no more resistance to blocks.
  • I am looking for inspiration to move into theme creation.
  • I appreciate the technical expertise & discussion all in one space.
  • I am brand new to WordPress & it’s helpful being able to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s new and exciting to bring back to other WordPress-related worlds.
  • I am here to learn, network & listen to everyone who is in the thick of modern WordPress (on the bleeding edge).
  • I like that it is every week, set time, free, and it creates continuity in the conversations.
  • Build Mode is a no-judgment zone.
  • This is a SAFE SPACE!

What’s Next for Build Mode

You can find registration links to all upcoming Build Mode Live sessions on our main event page: Build Mode Live.

Let us know you’ll be there by tagging or DM-ing us on Twitter, @hellosammunoz and @bgardner. You can also follow along with topics and feedback with #BuildModeLive on Twitter.

Until next time, start building! 🛠