Build Mode Workshop – November 2022

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Build Mode Workshop

Build Mode Workshops are live events exploring features of modern WordPress with the WP Engine Developer Relations team. This workshop was hosted by Damon Cook and took place on November 15th, 2022.

In this recent workshop we covered:

  • Setting up a simple WordPress plugin and scaffolding a custom block with @wordpress/create-block
  • Dependency management in a custom block
  • Registering and writing an accordion block
  • Light styling with theming in mind

Here is the video recording. 👇

Accordion block source code

Check out the full source code for the final accordion block on GitHub.

Resources & Links

Accordions are not always an ideal user experience, and careful consideration is warranted.

Key takeaways

The attendees had a lot of great questions about custom block development. A majority responded that they had never tried creating a custom block before.

When is the next Build Mode Workshop?

We’ll be announcing next month’s workshop soon. Please be sure to follow @wpebuilders for announcements.

Also, reach out and let us know what you might want to see in an upcoming workshop. Be sure to mention @dcook or @wpebuilders and use the tag #BuildModeWorkshop