Introducing the Frost Blueprint for Local

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Team Section of Frost Local Blueprint

Local is a tool for developers to create, manage, and experiment with WordPress websites. Its extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and offline capability make it an indispensable asset for any developer seeking to enhance their local development workflow and maximize productivity.

Elevating the capabilities of Local is a feature called Blueprints. These tailored templates empower developers to preconfigure various aspects of their WordPress sites, from themes and plugins to specialized adjustments, fostering a more efficient and streamlined development process.

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Frost Blueprint for Local

We are thrilled to share our latest creation: a Local Blueprint that draws inspiration from Frost, our open-source WordPress block theme. This Blueprint showcases the power and extensibility of Full Site Editing.

The Frost theme flaunts a minimalist aesthetic and empowers freelancers and agencies to craft modern, refined websites effortlessly. Initially built for experimentation with the Gutenberg plugin, Frost underwent a significant update, resulting in a product well-suited for production environments.

Frost Blueprint

View Demo | Download (.zip)

Installing the Blueprint

  1. Open the Local desktop app.
  2. Click the (+) icon to Add Local site.
  3. Drag the file onto the window to import the site.
  4. Finish creating the site.
  5. Use admin / admin for the WP admin username / password.

Click here for more info on using Local Blueprints.

Frost Blueprint Features

Frost exemplifies the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. The Frost Blueprint features a range of pre-built block sections, including the Team Member and Text and Image patterns, as shown below.

Frost Blueprint Portfolio

In addition, style variations have redefined global styles, maximizing Full Site Editing and block themes’ potential. They allow theme authors to enhance parent themes and explore new aesthetic dimensions. It’s an innovative take more traditional approaches like child themes with a redesigned approach and structure.

The Frost theme includes a mouth-watering array of eight style variations: Blue, Graphite, Green, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Red, and Teal.

The Frost Blueprint elegantly showcases the Team style variation, but the theme’s adaptability shines through, as a user can effortlessly transition to other color options within the Site Editor at the touch of a button.

Frost Blueprint Style Variaions


Encompassing Full Site Editing, a vast selection of style variations, and a core emphasis on efficiency, Frost is a powerful theme that embraces modern design and can streamline WordPress site development.

The Frost Blueprint for Local provides developers with a perfect playground to explore the full potential of WordPress. As block themes become more widespread and play a critical role in the workflow of freelancers and agencies, utilizing a Blueprint like this can offer a competitive advantage.

We invite you to download and install the Frost Blueprint and would love to see what you build. Feel free to share your work with us at @wpebuilders!