Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks is a library of powerful and beautifully designed blocks, sections, and full-page layouts for the Gutenberg block editor.

What is Genesis Blocks?

Genesis Blocks is a library of powerful and beautifully designed blocks, sections, and full-page layouts for the Gutenberg block editor. Genesis Blocks gives you the content creation control you need to easily build and launch any kind of site you want!

Installing the Genesis Blocks plugin immediately enhances the block editor by providing easy access to the library of blocks, sections, and layouts that come with the plugin. The user experience follows the familiar and expected patterns defined by the block editor, meaning that content creators can easily and immediately begin leveraging the best of the plugin.

The same design team behind the beloved StudioPress themes for the Genesis Framework is leading the work on crafting and growing the Genesis Blocks library of sections and layouts. The library is already full of ready to use block-based templates but users can expect it to grow even more as the team invests more in the plugin.

What are the features and benefits of Genesis Blocks?

With Genesis Blocks you can:

  • Kick-off a new site project quickly
  • Leverage the design talent of StudioPress theme designers
  • Speed up content creation
  • Increase the quality of design
  • Establish brand consistency and control with pre-designed “components” and (with Genesis Pro) block-level permissions

Watch this short video to see the plugin in action.

Part of Genesis
The Genesis Blocks plugin is part of the larger Genesis suite of products but can be used completely independently. As long as the WordPress site has the block editor enabled, WordPress users can use the plugin to enhance their content creation experience.

Build even more with Genesis Pro
The free plugin on is packed with powerful features, but for those who want to do even more, a Genesis Pro subscription will provide you with an even larger, and growing, library of blocks, sections, and layouts. Additionally, a Genesis Pro subscription will unlock block-level permissions that allow you to control what block settings are and are not available to content creators, bringing further control of brand expression throughout a site.

The WP Engine Advantage.

WP Engine is the engine behind Genesis Blocks and the rest of the Genesis Platform. The collective engineering, product design, and community genius of all that work at WP Engine is behind the future value and success of Genesis Blocks.

How do you get started with Genesis Blocks?

Genesis Blocks is available for free on the repository. For those looking advanced, more powerful features, a Genesis Pro subscription will unlock these (plus more) for you.

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