Genesis Blocks

The Genesis Blocks plugin is a library of page-building blocks, sections, and full-page layouts for the WordPress block editor. You can use it to create and launch any kind of site you want – all without the need to write code.

In this article, we’ll explain the differences between the two versions of Genesis Blocks and what features are included in each one.

About Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks is a powerful website creation tool leveraging the Gutenburg blocks. Check out this video to see the plugin in action.

Genesis Blocks is available in two versions:

Both versions can be used on an unlimited number of sites no matter where they are hosted. Also, they can be used with any WordPress theme – the Genesis Framework is not required.

If you upgrade to Genesis Blocks Pro, you can safely deactivate and delete Genesis Blocks (free). Your settings and content will remain unchanged when switching to the Pro version.

Genesis Blocks (free)

The free version of this plugin is full-featured and includes a variety of individual blocks that you can use to organize and style your content in creative ways. 

The free version currently includes the following 15 blocks:

  • Accordion block
  • Advanced Columns block
  • Button block
  • Call-to-Action block
  • Container block
  • Drop Cap block
  • Email Newsletter block
  • Layouts block
  • Notice block
  • Post and Page Grid block
  • Pricing Table block 
  • Profile Box block
  • Sharing block
  • Spacer block
  • Testimonial block 

See the Genesis Blocks documentation for details about all the blocks and instructions on how to configure their settings.

Free Collections, Sections, and Layouts

An exciting feature included in this plugin is found in the Layouts block. This block includes a library of pre-designed collections, sections, and layouts which make it even easier to create beautiful pages quickly.

These collections, sections, and layouts are made up of groups of blocks where all the settings like backgrounds, margins, padding, colors, etc. have been pre-configured for you. After adding one of them to your page, all you need to do is replace the sample text and images with your own.

The free version of this plugin currently includes:

  • 1 Collection
  • 26 Page Sections
  • 9 Page Layouts

What are collections sections, and layouts? See below for the details.


Collections are groups of pre-designed sections and layouts that share the same theme or design aesthetic. They make it easy to quickly build multiple pages on your site that are cohesive in their look and feel.

Collections are also very flexible because they allow you to easily pick and choose which sections and layouts you’d like to include on your site, as well as rearrange them in any order you like. And you can mix and match sections and layouts from different collections and then customize their appearance so they fit with the design aesthetic of your site.

Genesis Blocks (free) currently includes the Slate Collection. The image below shows a few of the page sections available in this collection.

Page Sections in the Slate Collection

The next image shows a few of the full-page layouts available in this collection.

Page Layouts in the Slate Collection

You can go to Genesis Blocks > Getting Started > Collections to preview all the Collections currently available in Genesis Blocks (free) and Genesis Blocks Pro.

Collections tab in the Getting Started section of Genesis Blocks


Sections are small groups of pre-configured blocks that can be added to a post or page as part of a full-page layout. You can think of them as small pieces of a larger design

You can add as many sections to the page as you’d like. And when you use several sections together, you can build an entire page quickly and easily. 

For example, the Hero Header section (shown in the image below) can be added to the top of a page to display an introduction and a call-to-action button which is laid over a full width background image. 

This section combines the Container block, a default heading block, a default paragraph block, and the Button block.

Hero Header page section in the Layouts block


Layouts are groups of pre-designed sections that work together to create a full-page design. In other words, you don’t need to design the page yourself. Simply select your favorite layout, click on it to apply it to the page, and then replace the text and images with your own.

For example, if you are launching a new product and need to quickly create a sales page for it, you might use the Product Launch layout (shown in the image below). 

This layout uses the Container block, Advanced Columns block, Testimonial block, Pricing Table block, Email Newsletter block, and various default WordPress blocks to build the entire page.

Product Launch page layout in the Layouts block

Genesis Blocks Pro

Genesis Blocks Pro includes everything in the free version of the plugin plus more individual blocks, premium sections, premium layouts, premium collections, and advanced options.

In addition to the blocks included in the free version, the Pro version currently adds the following 2 blocks:

Also, the Pro version includes the following advanced options:

  • an easy way to manage reusable blocks
  • Block Permissions settings that allow you to control which user roles have access to the settings of individual blocks 

See the Genesis Blocks documentation for details about these advanced options, as well as these blocks and instructions on how to configure their settings.

Premium Collections, Sections, and Layouts

The Layouts block in the Pro version includes the same library of pre-designed collections, sections, and layouts that are in the free version plus more of each one.

Genesis Blocks Pro currently includes (with more planned in the future):

  • 7 Collections
  • 160 Page Sections
  • 52 Page Layouts

Collection Previews

You can see examples of the Collections that are currently included in Genesis Blocks (free and Pro) at the links below.

Genesis Blocks (free):

Genesis Blocks Pro:

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