Introducing WP Engine’s Detailed Caching (LABS ALPHA)

Here at Labs we are always working to build state-of-the-art projects for WP Engine customers. Today we would like to announce the opening of alpha for WP Engine’s Detailed Caching. Imagine being able to decide whether or not a page is cacheable based on almost any criteria—geography, time, pages, cookies, the content of cookies, etc. This gives [Read More]

September 2014 All Hands Week Wrap Up

Earlier this month WP Engine held its quarterly All Hands week, where the entire WP Engine family—comprised of both Texas-based and remote employees—came together at the Austin headquarters to engage with each other IRL for a week of fun and festivities. The Week at a Glance On Monday, all of the remote and distributed team [Read More]

Addressing the Recent Bash Exploit

You might have already heard, but a remotely exploitable vulnerability has been found in the widely installed Bash shell. While we do not offer SSH access to our customers, our admin team is currently upgrading Bash across the farm in order to keep our servers up-to-date. There should be no interruption to service for any [Read More]

Upgrade Your Plans Directly in the User Portal

We understand that as your business grows, so do your hosting needs. At WP Engine, we aim to make these types of transitions as simple as they can be. We are happy to announce that our most recent update allows you to upgrade your plan directly in the the User Portal. Here’s how it works: [Read More]

Introducing WP Engine’s GeoIP Alpha (LABS ALPHA)

We’ve been hard at work in the Labs department on some exciting new projects. Starting today we would like to announce the opening of the Labs GeoIP alpha release. For those that aren’t familiar with it, GeoIP enables you to identify various things about people that come to your site such as their location, organization, [Read More]

WordCamp Boston – Game Changer

Boston—love it or hate it, you can’t deny it has a big personality. Boston is a place where Red Sox and Bruins’ lore meets the educational driver of technological innovation, and the country’s largest craft beer manufacturer shares a culture with the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital. As a native Texan, I’m no stranger to the [Read More]

Finely Tuned Consultant – Troy Dean

Today I talk with Troy Dean, WordPress consultant and author at WP Elevation. In the interview below we discuss “The Land Down Under,” the current state of WordPress, and his eBook, 5 Things Every Small Business Can Fix on Their Website in the Next Week to Increase Leads. Check out the interview below! You can find [Read More]

WP Engine Assembles Care Packages for the Homeless

With a population of almost 2,000 homeless people in Austin, there are many people who go hungry on any given day. The Give Back Committee at WP Engine decided that this is one area in which we could try to offer some help. While brainstorming our options, we realized that being able to provide single [Read More]

WordCamp Milwaukee with WP Engine

My time in Milwaukee was an enlightening experience. It was my first WordCamp, and just being in the presence of so many intelligent, humble people in the WordPress community made me take a step back and re-appreciate everything I get to be involved with by proxy of working at WP Engine. It was excellent to [Read More]

Migrating Your Site to WP Engine Is Now Easier than Ever with our New Migration Checklist

At WP Engine, we strive to include customer input into every element of our software platform and every phase of our operations. We accomplish this innovation by gathering feedback from customers directly, analyzing customer interactions for common problem areas, and assessing our infrastructure for ways to make customers’ lives easier. We use these data points [Read More]

All WP Engine Sites to be Upgraded to WordPress 3.9.2

A security update to the stable branch of WordPress (3.9.2) was just released. This update mainly addresses an issue that could be used to trigger a Denial of Service (DoS) attack with PHP’s XML processor. There have also been changes that harden WordPress core, protect against potential code execution while processing widgets and add protections [Read More]