WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” Has Shipped

The latest version of WordPress, 4.1, has been released! As a WP Engine customer, here’s what you need to know… For non-security related, major point releases, we usually do not upgrade customers immediately. Above all else our priority is the stability, security and functionality of your sites. To give our users time to test the [Read More]

Labs Sponsors BuddyPress and HHVM Compatability

With the announcement of our Mercury HHVM Enterprise WordPress project in November, we’ve been incredibly excited about the possibilities. Despite overwhelming potential, however, not all projects on HHVM run perfectly yet. So before the great @JJJ (John James Jacoby) kicks off the new year with a big project focused on the development and maintenance of BuddyPress, bbPRess, and GlotPress, we are [Read More]

Reminder – You Can Request an Upgrade to PHP 5.5 With WP Engine

Yesterday, the WP Engine Labs team announced WP Engine Mercury. As Tomás Puig (head of Labs for WP Engine) explains, “It’s a completely new platform from WP Engine built for unparalleled performance and reliability.” It was a proud day for everyone here at WP Engine and we are overwhelmed with all of the positive feedback we have been receiving from [Read More]

All WP Engine Sites to be upgraded to WordPress 4.0.1

A security release for the WordPress 4.0 branch was just released. Sites will start being upgraded to WordPress 4.0.1 immediately. This security update fixes a number of XSS, CSRF, SSRF, and password vulnerabilities as well as some additional hardening to core components. A complete list of fixes is available in the following blog post on [Read More]

Announcing WP Engine’s High Availability HHVM Platform – Mercury – Labs Alpha

Imagine an environment where WordPress performs ten times faster than existing PHP web hosts. How many problems that frustrate developers and marketers would this solve? Boost conversion rates due to the increasingly vital load-time metric? Yes. Retain visitors and customers with ever-shorter attention spans? Yes. Scale user-tailored, dynamic websites (like membership and e-commerce) without paying [Read More]

Meet WP Engine’s Military Veterans!

Today, in the United States, we honor military veterans across the nation. Here in Austin, we take special pride in the service of our own military vets. When they joined us at WP Engine, they brought with them unique skills that have inspired and helped to make us the company – and the team – we are today. [Read More]

WP Engine Now Offers SHA-2 SSL Certificates

As many of you have heard, Google (and others) recently announced their plans to deprecate SHA-1 certificates. Although this move may affect those with a SHA-1 certificate, WP Engine customers who purchased a certificate through us don’t need to take any action. If you purchased a SHA-1 certificate through WP Engine, you will not be [Read More]

The Surprising Benefits of Uniform Culture at WP Engine

I don’t mean “uniform” as in “identical.” (Although, that’s not a bad definition of culture: The attributes that we all share.) I mean “uniform” as in, “Wearing the same clothes, thereby reducing individuality.” We have a swag culture at WP Engine, particularly in T-shirts. Because we have a phenomenal Artistic Director (Seth), folks actually want to [Read More]

WordCamp San Francisco With Grace

It’s October 24, 2014 and I’ve just landed in San Francisco via Austin. I am now less than 24 hours away from my very first WordCamp! On paper, I have traveled somewhere around 1,800 miles to be here. Truth be told…it’s been quite a journey. Just two short months ago I was living in Washington [Read More]

Quick Fixes to Improve Site Capacity

Do you think your WordPress site is prepared to handle a 40, 60, or even 80 percent increase in traffic in one day? A large and sudden increase in traffic sounds like it would be a huge benefit to your business. But if your site isn’t capable of handling it correctly, this type of traffic [Read More]