Three Lessons I’ve Learned As A CFO

Earlier this month I had the amazing honor of being named the best medium company CFO by the Austin Business Journal. And while I have the title of CFO, this isn’t an individual accomplishment. It’s a representation of the amazing team that I get to work with every day. The inspiring executive and leadership teams [Read More]

WordPress Security Best Practices [White Paper]

WordPress is secure, but as with any technology that’s experienced such rapid growth, following a series of WordPress security best practices can help keep it that way. Download Our WordPress Security Best Practices White Paper Now In this white paper, we examine WordPress as an enterprise platform, dive into some security misconceptions about WordPress, and [Read More]

How WP Engine Approaches Customer Experience

At WP Engine, we pride ourselves on providing a customer experience that goes above and beyond. The customer is at the heart of everything we do—our entire business is built on that notion. CX is a critical and essential part of what we do to build strong relationships with our customers. The ways we ensure [Read More]

We’re Patching All WP Engine Customer Sites To WordPress 4.2.3

WordPress today released a critical security update to the current stable branch of WordPress to fix a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in how shortcodes are used in HTML attributes. As a WP Engine customer, you’re covered. Our team is working to automatically patch and update all sites hosted with us to WordPress 4.2.3. You don’t [Read More]

The Importance Of SSL Security [White Paper]

Securing your WordPress site is imperative. It builds customer confidence and trust, and can improve your site’s search rankings. One component to help keep your site locked down is SSL (secure sockets layer). In this white paper, we look at what SSL is, why you should consider it for your site, the SEO implications, key [Read More]

Calculating Your Freelance Hourly Rate [Infographic]

With well over 53 million freelancers in the US alone, more and more creative professionals are opting to leave the daily grind and work for themselves. A large subset of those ditching their day jobs and launching their own self-employed careers are writers, designers, marketers, and developers – many of whom use WordPress to power [Read More]

Intricate WordPress SEO Tips That Took Me Years To Learn

My expertise is in digital marketing mainly with an emphasis in SEO, social media, CRO, and online ads, but no matter what you do online, you run into WordPress (I am talking about the content management system you can build websites on, not I have now been working with WordPress for 10 years (though [Read More]

Simple, Quick Migrations And Our Path To WP Engine

For me, and really all web developers, web hosting has always been a need, not a want. I have a technical background and have been using Linux on and off for decades–literally decades. I’ve always thought that hosting is a simple concept, and it is, but growing a business, building killer websites, and making sure [Read More]

Special Report: The Freelance Economy And Job Market

Over the past decade, WordPress has become the premier content management system (CMS) and publishing platform on the web today. Whether it’s used for personal blogs or corporate websites, WordPress is equipped to meet almost anyone’s needs and helps brands of all sizes become world-class publishers. And its flexibility has paid off: today, WordPress occupies [Read More]