WP Engine GeoIP 1.1: Localizing Content Made Simple

WP Engine GeoIP, which we launched earlier this year, empowers brands, marketers, engineers, legal departments, and site owners to serve site visitors localized content. GeoIP unlocks the ability to show visitors pricing in their national currency, sites in their language, and content that is most relevant based on their geography. Over time, we have seen [Read More]

Customer Confidence Starts With A High-Performance Website

At Goliath Technologies, we’re working to change the IT operations software market and make it proactive versus reactive. With our solutions, you can anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent IT performance issues in your virtual servers and desktops, and your physical IT infrastructure. For our customers to trust us to proactively identify and resolve IT performance [Read More]

DevOps At WP Engine: An Inside Look

After talking with a few folks about what DevOps means here at WP Engine, I realized that there isn’t much out there about our DevOps team and its responsibilities. One of the first few questions that’s asked in most DevOps interviews, at least as far as I’ve seen, is: “What does DevOps mean to you?” [Read More]

Video Recap: Zoe Rooney On Finely Tuned Consultant

This week on “Finely Tuned Consultant,” we spoke with Philadelphia-based developer Zoe Rooney about the joys of automating certain tasks in WordPress theme development. For those of you interested in following suit, Rooney also provides some psyche-preserving advice about how to take advantage of automation tools without taking a deep dive into their every facet [Read More]