Introducing the all-new, frictionless Stripe Checkout integration for WooCommerce by WP Engine. Now you can optimize your store’s checkout flow with a world-class checkout experience customized to your brand and simplify compliance associated with online transactions—with the flip of a switch.

Last year, we integrated Stripe with the WP Engine portal, giving our eCommerce users a more efficient and secure way to connect and take payments. 

Now, we’re expanding our offer to go beyond payment processing by offloading the entire checkout experience. Our new Stripe Checkout integration is designed to increase conversions by allowing shoppers to complete transactions in fewer clicks with fewer fields, and it simplifies regulatory compliance by offloading the processing of sensitive payment information to fields originating directly from Stripe’s PCI DSS-validated servers. 

Our Stripe Connect integration includes:

  1. Toggle control of sandbox/test mode
  2. 20+ built-in payment add-ons, including BNPL, Link, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and direct bank payments
  3. Increased key security

The new integration also moves beyond payment processing, creating an entirely upgraded hosted checkout experience. Use WooCommerce for browsing, shopping, and store management and integrate a checkout experience designed by Stripe’s team of engineers and designers that works continually to increase sales on your behalf.

This integration simultaneously provides a completely branded checkout experience optimized to boost conversions and a simple way to meet regulatory compliance. 

If your business model requires you to handle card data, you may be required to meet the more than 300 security controls in Payment Card I Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). There are more than 1,800 pages of official documentation about PCI DSS published by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), and more than 300 of those pages are simply explaining which form(s) to use when validating compliance. This would take, on average, 72 hours just to read!

Stripe Checkout offloads the processing of sensitive payment information to fields that originate directly from Stripe’s PCI DSS-validated servers. More secure, and more sales seamlessly integrated with Woo.

What Makes the WP Engine Integration Unique?

We’ve done all the heavy lifting integrating Stripe Checkout with Woo—so you can flip the switch and run it without coding, saving hours in development and offloading the cost of ongoing maintenance. 

Simply toggle on the Stripe Checkout feature, and all future transactions will offload to Stripe’s PCI-DSS validated servers

As a managed hosting provider with an industry-leading average customer satisfaction rating of 4.8%, you know the code will be maintained to work seamlessly on each new version of WordPress and WooCommerce. It is mobile responsive to work across any device and lets customers move quickly to input and reuse payment information, helping to spot errors in real time.

Like our Stripe Connect integration, Stripe Checkout has an airtight setup and security checks you can’t get from a third-party solution. No sharing passwords or copying and pasting of keys; we use OAuth authentication, so you can protect sensitive information for shoppers, merchants, and developers.

The WP Engine portal integration seamlessly blends Stripe into your WooCommerce checkout flow. When your shoppers are ready to pay, they are directed to your Stripe Checkout experience, and when the transaction is complete, they return to your store without a break in the design or shopper experience.

WP Engine Stripe Checkout features include:

  • Address auto-complete
  • Address collection
  • Adjustable quantities
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Branding customization
  • Card brand identification
  • Card testing protection
  • Card validation
  • Chargeback protection
  • Custom fields
  • Descriptive error messages
  • Email receipts
  • Email validation
  • Fraud logic with machine learning
  • Language support in more than 30 languages
  • Payment method optimization
  • Phone number collection
  • Local currency displayed
  • Pricing table
  • Responsive design
  • Shipping method selection
  • Simplified PCI validation
  • Store policies display
  • Third-party autofill
  • 1-click payment using Link
  • And, more…

Plus, Stripe Checkout supports 30+ languages and more than 135 currencies so you can securely sell across the globe.

This all sounds great—but it also sounds expensive. Fortunately, the Stripe Checkout integration for Woo is included with all WP Engine eCommerce plans. There are no additional processing fees and, unlike other eCommerce platforms, we do not penalize merchants for choosing another method.

So How Does it Work?

To use the Stripe Checkout feature, you need to first connect to your Stripe account in the WP Engine portal. This will give you the option to turn on Stripe Checkout. 

Built into the portal are options to update your Store Policies and add fields to collect shipping information and a phone number. This works out of the box with the default configuration. 

WP Engine’s Stripe checkout integration provides a completely branded checkout experience optimized to boost conversions

To edit styles, including adding your logo and customizing the page’s background color, button color, font, and shapes without code, simply visit the Branding Settings within Stripe to edit from the WYSIWYG interface, save your changes, and the styles will be applied.

Get Set for WooCommerce Success on WP Engine

WP Engine eCommerce is designed to set your WooCommerce store up for success from starting and selling to optimization and management. 

With Stripe Checkout, we’ve reduced the friction of integration and setup, taking the stress out of compliance, code maintenance, and transacting with Woo.

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