WP Engine is again leading the charge among top workplaces, securing placement on the Great Place to Work Ireland list of Best Workplaces for Health and Wellbeing™.

The unranked list includes companies doing an exceptional job of ensuring their employees have access to resources that benefit their overall wellbeing, with a focus on physical and mental health resources.

“Recognition from Great Place to Work is always an honor, but placement on this list is especially meaningful,” said WP Engine Sr. Director of Product and Ireland Site Lead Haidee McMahon. 

“Because when our team feels empowered to lead healthy, well-balanced lives, it resonates deeply within our organization. It’s not just about retaining talent; it’s about fostering an environment where everyone can flourish. When each member thrives, the collective impact is profound, uplifting not only individuals but also our shared goals and aspirations.”

Read on for more information about WP Engine Ireland’s history with Great Place to Work, 

WP Engine Ireland’s Great Place to Work Journey

WP Engine Ireland was first certified by Great Place to Work in 2019, just three years after the office opened, and this year’s general certification marks the fourth consecutive recognition for our Irish teammates. 

In previous years, WP Engine Ireland has earned placement on a few specialized lists, including Best Workplaces for Women in 2023 and Best Workplaces in Tech in 2021 and 2022.  

Insights Gleaned from This Year’s Best Workplaces in Ireland

After releasing the list of certified companies in Ireland in February, Great Place to Work narrowed down those organizations to create its Best Workplaces for Health and Wellbeing list, highlighting companies focused on creating an environment where personal health and wellbeing are prioritized.t. 

Generally, Great Place to Work noted that companies designated as Best Workplaces all share certain important characteristics. First, Great Workplaces create clear pathways for career development. WP Engine does this primarily through its Career Compass: a set of guidelines that makes it easy for employees to identify key performance metrics that will help them progress in their careers.

Top employers were also more likely to organize events to celebrate their employees and implement policies that strengthen employee engagement, morale, and overall workplace satisfaction.

Employers on this year’s Best Workplaces for Health and Wellbeing list scored highly on key metrics identified in the Trust Index Survey™—a prerequisite for achieving any certification from Great Place to Work.

Employees from companies on the Best Workplaces for Health and Wellbeing list reported high rates of feeling supported by their managers and flexibility in their work to properly balance it with their lives outside the office. In fact, 84% of respondents from certified companies reported feeling encouraged to balance their personal and professional lives, compared to only 54% of respondents feeling the same at non-certified companies.

About Great Place to Work 

Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, has been compiling its Best Workplace lists since 1984. Now, the company publishes more than 250 Best Workplace lists annually, reporting on findings from more than 20 million employees across 170 countries. 

To be eligible for inclusion on specialized lists, including Ireland’s Best Workplaces for Health and Wellbeing in 2024, participating organizations must hold Certification™ as a Great Place to Work.

Join a Certifiably Great Team!

Congratulations to our Irish teammates for making this recognition possible. Thank you for your dedication to creating a work environment in which all employees can thrive!

If you’re ready to join a certifiably great team, check out our open roles. We’re always seeking the best talent to add value to our global team!