Announcing Live Chat from WP Engine®

Update: We have extended our chat hours to 8AM to 8PM Central!

Today, WP Engine is incredibly excited to announce that all customers have the ability to Live Chat with a WP Engine support engineer. Live Chat is the fastest way to get support for WP Engine customers. Now, when you have a technical issue, instead of creating a ticket inside of Zendesk, you can choose to start a Live Chat and work directly with one of our awesome techs to quickly troubleshoot and resolve your WordPress questions.

WP Engine has always stood on the promise of offering world-class support, and delivering amazing customer experiences every time. Live Chat is one more step forward in creating the best possible WordPress hosting experience. We could not be more pleased to be offering this to our customers.

As of August 29th, every WP Engine customer had access to Live Chat from within the User Portal. Customer reactions and results have been amazing so far. Live Chat increases the speed our team can answer and resolve support issues, and means WP Engine customers continue to have an incredible customer experience.

In addition to the fastest response times ever, Live Chat also gives customers a great way to interact directly with our team members and experience the direct, personal attention that we believe is a key part of delivering amazing customer experiences.

Initial customer reactions have been amazing:

How To Live Chat

Start Live ChatTo start a Chat, login to the WP Engine User Portal and click on the “Support” button on top right of your screen (see screenshot). A drop-down menu will give you the option to either “Start a Live Chat,” or “Open a Ticket” inside Zendesk.

When you select “Start Live Chat,” a window will pop up with one of our WordPress experts ready to help you get your WordPress technical issues sorted out. Just let them know what you technical issue is, and they’ll take stellar WP Engine care of you! Live Chat is currently available to WP Engine customers during the hours of 9AM to 6PM, Central Time, GMT – 5, (the Live Chat link will only show during those hours) and we’ll begin expanding those hours very soon.

We can’t wait to chat with you soon. Thanks for choosing WP Engine.

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  1. James Laughlin says

    Hey Austin! How’s it going?

    I was excited to see this live chat feature, but I don’t see that option when I login. All I see is “Support Garage” and “Open a Ticket”.



    • Austin Gunter says

      Hey James, thanks for the comment. I think you and I got this sorted behind the scenes. Feel free to email next time you have any issues!


    • Austin Gunter says

      Hey AJ, Live Chat is still available! It has business hours of 9am-6pm CST, so if you looked outside that window, it wouldn’t be available.


  2. says

    Is the live chat service only open on weekdays? I’m within the 9-6 window looking for chat support (which I LOVE) on a Saturday and “Start Live Chat” isn’t listed under “Support” like it normally is.

    • Kirby Prickett says

      Hi Ian,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Live chat is currently only available on weekdays (9AM to 6PM, Central Time, GMT – 5).
      We’re working towards expanding those hours in the near future—we’ll keep you posted!
      – Kirby

    • Kirby Prickett says

      Hi Asher,

      Thanks for your comment. Katie from our Sales team will send you an email.

      (We don’t currently offer live chat to non-customers, but our contact form, email, and telephone numbers are listed on this page:

      – Kirby