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How to get your eCommerce site to work on WP Engine


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eCommerce Sites and WP Engine
WordPress is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for eCommerce sites. As many high-volume online stores move to WordPress, especially running on managed platforms such as WP Engine, it’s important to understand a few initial pitfalls a site owner may encounter regarding cacheability. Luckily, the solutions to most caching hurdles are easily overcome with WP Engine’s assistance.

My site has erratic or unexpected behavior. Help!
Caching is recommended for all modern websites. Special caching technologies, such as WP Engine Evercache, can really make sites fly. Increasing the speed of your site means your customer’s experience and  site SEO is improved, as well as the backend server’s ability to process more efficiently. However, with logged-in users such as with eCommerce shopping carts, caching can actually cause unintended behavior. Some pages shouldn’t be cached and whether you are using WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, MarketPress, or any other eCommerce solution, there are instances where caching adjustments need to be made.

What’s the solution?
The solution is as sample as implementing caching exclusions. By telling the caching system to not cache certain pages or file paths related to checkout, we can ensure appropriate functionality is maintained. A nice rule of thumb is that if a page normally operates under SSL, then it should most likely not be cached.

What do I need to do?
Simply call us, chat with us, or submit a ticket to our support team. If you already know which pages should not be cached, no problem, send the list over! Otherwise, we can work together to find out which pages need to be excluded to give you the optimal performance and appropriate functionality of your ecommerce environment.

You may contact us from within your User Portal under the Support dropdown.