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How to get your eCommerce site to work on WP Engine

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My site is acting weird

WordPress is being used more and more as eCommerce sites. Many site’s have been very successful in doing so. So what happens? You bring your eCommerce site to WP Engine and all of a sudden you are seeing strange behavior on some of your pages. This is nothing to be alarmed of. Our caching plugin makes sites pages load super fast but can cause unintended behavior for pages that should not be cached. So whether you are using WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, MarketPress or any other eCommerce plugin, chances are that you will have pages that we shouldn’t be caching.

Don’t Worry!

All we have to do is tell the caching plugin not to cache certain pages or file paths. Each eCommerce plugin is going to have different, specific pages that should not be cached. Some common pages to turn caching off for are checkout pages, product review, account pages and order confirmation pages. General rule of thumb, if it is a page that would normally operate under https:// then it will not be cached.

So how do we turn cache off on those pages?

You just need to submit a ticket to our support team. If you have a list of pages that should not be cached, great, just send them in. Otherwise, we can work together to find out which pages should not be cached. Once we have the list we can create the cache exemption rules. Just go to our help desk and create a ticket: