Managing a site that facilitates, promotes, and manages large events requires a trustworthy and simple CMS. That way event producers can worry less about technical malfunctions and more on creating engaging content. Even more, event promotion sites must have hosting providers that can provide scalability and maintain maximum uptime.

As the largest recruiter to the environmental movement, the Earth Day Network ( needed a site that was both easy to use and reliable. Previously hosted on Drupal, Earth Day Network sought out a CMS with a more user-friendly interface. Additionally, Earth Day Network needed a peace of mind in knowing their site wouldn’t break down during their busiest time, Earth Day itself.

In this case study, learn about how the Earth Day Network utilized WordPress and WP Engine and managed to shave seconds off their page load time. Additionally, they maintained 100 percent uptime while hundreds of thousands of direct views and traffic visited their site for Earth Day.

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“In addition to inspiring activism and building the environmental movement, a key goal of our site is to get donations and new email addresses. This year our site had zero downtime. We were therefore able to reap the benefits of all the traffic that came in around Earth Day,” — Jason Gooljar, IT Director at Earth Day Network