Clinton Electronics is a family business run from a 203,000 square foot warehouse in Loves Park, IL. Being an electronics company, they have to roll with technology changes. However, their ecommerce platform was becoming outdated and failed to keep with the times. They adressed this problem by making the switch to WordPress, WooCommerce, and WP Engine.

“The decision to go with WooCommerce and WP Engine was the easiest part of the project. By using WooCommerce, we knew that we could build most of the functionality we needed and leverage trusted plugins for the rest,” said Zach Stepek, WP Engine partner at Mindsize who helped design and develop the new site. He added, “we needed functionality such as multi-tiered pricing and a dealer approval workflow, which are generally not available on SaaS ecommerce platforms.”

Even after moving platforms, they still needed their ecommerce site to run faster than before. To learn more about how Clinton Electronics increased site performance and page load speeds, check out the case study below:

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