It’s no secret that WordPress is highly customizable and has tons of options when it comes to themes and plugins. But, did you know plugins and themes are a thriving corner of the WordPress ecosystem? Hundreds of millions of dollars are made each year, generating $300M in revenue — almost a 5,000 percent growth since 2010.

WordPress Commerce: Economic summary of the WordPress marketplace

Source: Investigating the Plugin and Theme Economy

Since WordPress now dominates almost 27 percent of the web, it’s clear that theme and plugin developers are in an ever-growing economy. Check out this ebook to find out how these designers and developers are cashing in.

Ebook: Investigating the plugin and theme economy

This ebook dives into the theme plugin economy and breaks down just how authors are making such a large amount of revenue. Some of the other topics discussed include:

  • Revenue by type of theme and plugin
  • Who the top-selling theme and plugin authors are
  • Top countries for total plugin and theme revenue
  • Whether themes or plugins have the upper hand in creating revenue

As mentioned before, WordPress commerce is only getting bigger. The theme and plugin marketplace is diverse and is a great way to get the most revenue out of WordPress customization.

Read the in-depth ebook now to get the insider info on WordPress’ prosperous plugin and theme economy.