Generation Z and the Digital Experience.

Generation Z has never lived in a time where the internet did not exist. Defined as the generation born after 1995, a new study from WP Engine and the Center for Generational Kinetics shows how Gen Z uses digital experiences differently.

Gen Z by the numbers

Understanding their needs is the first step.


say they want guaranteed authentication for every online interaction.


would leave a site if it didn’t predict their needs.


can’t go more than 8 hours without being online.


says their primary online use is entertainment.

What Gen Z Means for the Future of Digital Experiences

Watch this Q&A with Mary Ellen Dugan, Chief Marketing Officer for WP Engine, about the key takeaways from the Gen Z study.


How Gen Z Lives Online

How does Gen Z use the web compared to previous generations? What does it mean for your brand? Read below to find out.

The Future of Digital Experience

How Gen Z is Changing Everything

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Digital Dependence

How Gen Z is Changing the Internet

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Gen Z and the Digital Experience

How to Capitalize on this Influential Market Segment

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How can you reach Gen Z?

Understanding their needs is the first step.


Because they grew up immersed in a digital world, Gen Z’s level of dependency on digital experience is more pronounced than other generations.


In order to reach Gen Z, build an experience that is entertaining first, and build the connection from there.


For Gen Z, their connection to the digital world is so ubiquitous and seamless that their digital experience is their human experience.


Unlike previous generations, Gen Z sees the digital world as less informational and more as a way to stay connected to everyone, everywhere, all the time.


Reality bytes: The digital experience is the human experience.

What’s changed since we started studying Gen Z’s new digital expectations? Read our 2018 Gen Z study for more information about how this generation is changing everything.

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