Looks like you’re visiting this page from Ashburn, VA US. We’re able to detect this leveraging WP Engine GeoIP.


About GeoIP

The premise behind GeoIP is simple: it gives your WordPress sites a global reach while maintaining a local feel. GeoIP unlocks the ability to easily serve localized web content to different users depending on their location.

With GeoIP, the results are endless:

  • Marketers can serve different web content to different users depending on their location.
  • Engineers can support localized content without sacrificing performance and scalability.
  • Legal departments can display legal notices as they apply in certain countries, but filter the content from users for whom it’s irrelevant.
  • Brands can create more relevant, targeted, personalized user experiences.
  • Site owners can immediately redirect visitors to content in their language or currency, display geographically-specific content, or hide irrelevant content.


Watch a Video Walkthrough of GeoIP


Location Data

GeoIP contains rich data about a visitor’s location. You have access to the following data with GeoIP:

1) Continent: NA
2) Country: US
3) Region (State): VA
4) City: Ashburn
5) Postal Code: 20149
6) Latitude: 39.04810
7) Longitude: -77.47280
8) Location: Ashburn, VA US


Easy to use Shortcodes

You can leverage this geographic data to tailor your visitor’s experience on your website, showing localized content. GeoIP helps make this kind of dynamic content very simple.

Shortcode:[geoip-content country="US"] Content just for US visitors [/geoip-content]
Result:  You're seeing this because you're visiting from the US 

Shortcode:[geoip-content region="TX, CA."] Content just for everyone in Texas and California [/geoip-content]

Shortcode:[geoip-content continent="EU"] Content just for everyone in Europe [/geoip-content]

To see what these shortcodes return when visiting from other locations, use this free proxy browser to see this page from 6 different locations. Note these links may perform slow since content is being loaded from a proxy. 


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