Page Updated:
January 3, 2023

This Stripe Connect Addendum (“Addendum”) amends the WP Engine Terms of Service located at (“Terms”).

  1. The Stripe Connect Service (“Stripe Connect”) is a service that helps you integrate with Stripe, Inc., a payment processor (“Stripe”) for financial payment transactions conducted on your website. You hereby appoint us as your agent to deliver information and instructions on your behalf to Stripe. You further authorize WP Engine to access, store, and transmit transaction details, excluding payment card information, to the extent required to provide the [Ecommerce] Services to you.
  2. The processing of payments by Stripe is carried out under a separate agreement between you and Stripe, located at, (the “Stripe Terms”). By entering into this Addendum, you are also accepting and agreeing to be bound by the Stripe Terms. WP Engine is not a party to the Stripe Terms and is not liable to you in respect thereof.