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Edgenuity Inc. partners with WP Engine to deliver an online and blended learning experience that incorporates personalized learning and a customized curriculum.

Industry: Education

Site: edgenuity.com

Challenge: Finding a digital experience platform with the infrastructure to help deliver a personalized learning experience.

Solution: WP Engine tools help Edgenuity personalize content and products for each user.

Results: Increase in site traffic and improved conversion rate.

Edgenuity Inc. is a leading provider of K-12 online and blended learning solutions including online courses, credit recovery, intervention, test preparation, and more. Setting the momentum for bridging the gap between technology and education, Edgenuity believes each student’s needs are unique and therefore can not be met with a one-size-fits-all approach. Incorporating extensive research and continually evolving solutions, Edgenuity creates powerful, strategic, and flexible courses and products for educators.

WP Engine has exceeded my expectations from when we got onboarded until now, both in terms of support and performance. The ease of putting up a new install or pushing content from staging to live is unmatched. WP Engine blows it out of the park every time.

—–Barry Middlebrook, Senior Web App Developer


Edgenuity believes in empowering educators to create customized programs to give students the personalized curriculum they need to succeed. Included in this philosophy is specialized, location-specific test preparation. Grade level students across the US are required to take different exams depending on the state they live in. For example, elementary-aged Texas students in grades 3-8 take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), and Illinois students take the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) exams.

To help facilitate marketing for state-specific content , Edgenuity uses GeoTarget, a WP Engine tool that allows WordPress site owners to serve different web content to different users depending on their location. Due to the success Edgenuity has had using GeoTargeting, they’ve expanded its capabilities. “We are now able to drive users to state-specific content, making it faster and easier for our users to get the information and resources they need,” Middlebrook said.


In an attempt to build and maintain relationships, Edgenuity ramped up their content production. In order to facilitate reputable and high-performing content, they improved SEO, used continually evolving keyword research, and acted on analytics provided by Content Performance, a WP Engine solution that uses WordPress-optimized Google Analytics data to evaluate the effectiveness of your site content.

“Increasingly, we’ve been turning to Content Performance to determine which of our pieces are performing best, both right after publication and for longer periods of time. For example, two of our most consistently popular pieces throughout 2017 were our Top EdTech Conferences and Crossword Puzzle Day pieces. Once we determined that, we found a place on our editorial calendar for a newer version of each of these pieces and published both,” Laura Almozara, Communications Specialist at Edgenuity Inc.

The Results

The incorporation of Geotarget and Content Performance, along with strategic campaigns intended to create more personalized content, have improved Edugenity’s business both internally and externally.

The incorporation of state-specific content has provided an avenue for Sales employees at Edgenuity to easily and efficiently and direct clients and prospects to the resources most relevant to them.

Since its implementation, Edgenuity has experienced a 13% increase in site traffic.

Writers at Edgenuity continue to use Content Performance weekly to determine what content is performing well and adjust accordingly.

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