The value of values: Building better digital experiences with AI.

As more brands are using artificial intelligence to enhance digital experiences for consumers, enterprise organisations are finding new opportunities to rethink values with AI.

AI by the numbers.

WP Engine partnered with The University of London and Vanson Bourne to explore the present and future of AI-driven human digital experiences on the web. We wanted to know: how does emotional and predictive personalisation and the value exchange of data benefit both business and society?

The study of international consumers and brands found:


of brands see a visible increase in sales volume through AI.


of brands see a positive return on investment on the AI systems they use.


of consumers see AI as an opportunity to overcome human bias.


of enterprises are planning to increase their use of AI in the coming year.

AI and digital experiences.

We asked people about their attitudes toward AI. Some of the responses may surprise you!

Balancing personalisation with privacy.

Even with privacy concerns at an all-time high, consumers are demanding more personalised experiences, and AI is rising to the challenge. Learn how companies are meeting consumers’ needs for personalisation without getting creepy about it.

Values and the value of AI go hand in hand.

Leaders are combining value with values to build safe, reliable, and compelling digital experiences. The study revealed that AI helps brands align with their values more effectively and get more value out of their AI investments. Enterprise brands are learning to get the most value from their AI-driven digital experiences by emphasising values. Following these guidelines from the start can drive ROI by increasing consumer confidence through trust.

Personalise for relevance.

Using AI for personalisation helps brands cut through the noise to bring out the best choices for individual site visitors. At the same time, brands have to be clear about their intention of using personal data and managing it. Most consumers are happy to share information if they think they’ll get a better experience in return. AI allows brands to be more accurate with personalisation, but there’s a catch: the experience should only feel personalised in certain contexts or else it will start to feel creepy.

Exchange data.

Increase optimisation and efficiency to unlock ROI while ensuring this data exchange happens in a “safe space” to uphold transparency. Most consumers think brands should delete customer data that isn’t being used. Brands have to learn to draw the thin line between the practical benefits of an AI-powered web, and the ethical implications of collecting and using personal data.

Create meaningful experiences.

By providing sustainability and equal access to everyone, you give customers the ability to engage with what matters most to them while demonstrating your brand truly cares. Because AI is built by human beings, it can magnify unrealised biases and cause an unequal representation of people of all ethnic backgrounds. Leading brands are working to democratise access to information in the digital realm.


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