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"Switching to WP Engine has resulted in huge improvements to our site performance—we’re seeing pages load in half the time we used to experience.”

— Anders Bang-Larson, Chief Growth Officer, Pleaz


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The Client

Pleaz is a Copenhagen, Denmark-based business offering a unique HR solution for businesses and employees around the world. The company’s founders originally developed a program for encouraging students to take a short, physically active break during class to help improve focus and engagement. The concept was wildly successful and widely adopted, and was subsequently evolved into a program for adult office workers.

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The Challenge

Balance performance and UX improvements with rapid growth. After onboarding enterprise client Nestlé Denmark, Pleaz needed to remedy performance issues and create a better digital experience for more users than ever.

The Solution

Migration to WP Engine's industry-leading WordPress platform for speed and stability, an improved user experience, and access to expert WordPress support for seamless hosting and website management.

a woman in a yellow sweater takes a break by stretching at her desk

The Results

The original website concept for Pleaz was created with WordPress using a prebuilt theme. The site’s learning management system (LMS) was set up to manage training programs similar to the way streaming services like Netflix manage content.

The Pleaz team began adding to its library of resources, including more than 200 videos centered around wellness and engagement tools, to better personalize the experience.

After partnering with Nestle DK at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the business grew quickly, onboarding corporate clients in more than 70 countries.

As the Pleaz user base grew and the platform evolved alongside hybrid working environments, the original web host Pleaz used for its site began to struggle with the added weight of more content and increasing traffic.

Realizing the old hosting partner was no longer equipped to handle its needs, Pleaz sought three key objectives from its migration to WP Engine: increased speed, faster load times, and improved network stability.

It was vital for Pleaz to provide a consistently smooth and seamless user experience to a global audience. Following the migration, performance has improved significantly with server response and page loading times now twice as fast as they were with the site's previous host.

“We found a better solution in WP Engine,” said Pleaz Chief Growth Officer Anders Bang-Larson.

"Performance, including site speed, has massively improved, and the technical team was a great help during and after the migration, helping us set up staging environments and run speed tests.

"With WP Engine we're not tied to vendors, we have the flexibility to grow and expand as our business does, and we have the ability to give our clients and users what they need—a simple, stress-free solution.”

Pleaz is continuing to work on the development and implementation of its platform, where there have already been more than 225K activations to date. With greater site speed, stability, and flexibility, the Pleaz team is excited about its prospects for future growth.

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