Get ready to launch.

In this guide you’ll get a checklist to help you prepare your site design, marketing, security, migration, and much more.

Your roadmap to perfection.

Building and launching a site, whether for yourself or for a client, takes a lot of work. Many elements from a variety of sources have to come together to make the process flow. We’ve taken our experience of helping 120,000+ customers launch successful websites around the world to put together an easy checklist to prepare your site for a well-planned, stress-free launch.

Tick the boxes.

Never miss a step.

This checklist will ensure your site launches successfully every time, whether it’s your first launch or your millionth.

Launch like a pro.

Learn the steps that the most seasoned WordPress developers and designers use to prepare for launch. Grow from zero to millions of concurrent hits.

Rinse and repeat.

Re-use the checklist for every launch you do, giving you the advantage of experience as you further build your business.

Get The Ultimate Pre-Launch Guide For WordPress Sites

Get the step-by-step guide to make sure you don’t forget any crucial steps on the journey to launch.