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451 Research Report: How WP Engine is Leading the Enterprise WordPress Charge

Expertise, Support and Platform Meet Enterprise needs

WP Engine leads the managed WordPress hosting market, and as such, is instrumental in propelling WordPress into the enterprise market.

Analyst firm 451 Research agrees.

WP Engine is among the most notable players in the managed WordPress space in terms of its size, the technology it has developed, the contributions it has made to the WordPress community, its ability to support the platform and the types of customers it has been able to attract.

— 451 Research, November 2015

In a new Impact Report, 451 Research recognizes WP Engine’s managed WordPress leadership and influence on WordPress’ evolution from a simple blogging platform to a reliable business tool for myriad enterprise use cases. WordPress now powers over 25 percent of the Web.

WordPress is ready for the enterprise, with WP Engine leading the way.

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