The Advantages of an Open Source DXP, Explained

In today’s online marketplace, creating dynamic digital experiences has become the best way to build a customer base that is both engaged and loyal to your brand. 

But producing effective digital experiences that resonate with today’s online audiences is also more complicated than ever before. The list of marketing technology (martech) tools that manage the different aspects of digital experiences (personalization, data collection, etc.) is proliferating, and many enterprise-level organizations are struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation.  

While some of these organizations are turning to a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) as a way to manage the various touchpoints across the customer lifecycle, many of the proprietary DXP options available today fall short, either due to a lack of functionality, too much functionality, or through added, hidden costs that at the enterprise level can be staggering. 

As an alternative, a growing number of organizations are turning to another option for building and managing websites that integrate well with the other parts of their business—open source technologies, and specifically, an open source DXP, which offers more flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership than traditional or proprietary solutions. 

Download this ebook, created in partnership with digital agency Crowd Favorite, to find out more about the building blocks of an open source DXP, and how you can use this combination of tools and technology to start fueling results for your business today. 

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