Agency Ignite: Harden Your WordPress Security With Heightened Cyber Diligence

While the government has stepped up efforts to strengthen national cyber defenses, most of America’s critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector, sparking calls for U.S. businesses to accelerate cybersecurity efforts.

In this Agency Ignite virtual event, find out about the ways you can harden the security of your digital footprint and your WordPress sites specifically. 

Video: Harden Your WordPress Security With Heightened Cyber Diligence

WP Engine VP of Security Brent Stackhouse and Engineering Manager Chris Wiegman and share their WordPress security expertise, and discuss ways to harden the security of your WordPress sites including:

  • Actionable tips for securing your WordPress builds (regardless of where they’re hosted), 
  • Real-world security practices your team can follow to help avoid attacks, and 
  • Tips you can share with your clients to help them stay secure. 

Find out more about WP Engine’s platform and our Agency Partner Program to see how you can drive revenue and grow your agency business with WordPress.

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