Agency Ignite: Optimizing Speed For Your WooCommerce Site

Performance is vital for driving traffic and making sales with WooCommerce. Fast store pages make shoppers happy and ultimately increase sales for your store.

In this WP Engine Agency Ignite session, find out how you can increase eCommerce sales by optimizing your WooCommerce store for speed and searchability.

Video: Optimizing Speed For Your WooCommerce Site

Hear from WP Engine Partner Program Manager Charles Oh along with Product Marketing Manager Joshua Dailey, Agency Account Manager Claudia Charbel Cuento, and Product Manager, Sr. Jeremy Benoit as they discuss several strategic topics including:

  • What every site owner and shopper expect from an online store
  • The three biggest performance pain points in WooCommerce
  • Tips for improving store performance at every step of the buyer journey
  • One click-solutions built into the WP Engine platform for addressing these pain points

Whether you’re an agency using WooCommerce to build eCommerce sites for your clients or a brand using it for your sites directly, check out this informative panel disucssion led by WP Engine team members as they share tricks for speeding up store pages and increasing online sales.

“Most shoppers, at least 57% of online shoppers will abandon their cart if they have to wait three seconds or more for a page to load… EverCache loads pages up to 2x faster with up to 90% more utilization of cache…”

Jeremy Benoit, Product Manager Sr, WP Engine

Find out more about WP Engine’s eCommerce hosting  and our Agency Partner Program to see how you can drive revenue and grow your agency business with WordPress.

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