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WordPress Artificial Intelligence for Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a lot of attention in business circles lately, and for good reason. In fact, one report estimates that the AI market will contribute approximately $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030.

If you want to improve your WordPress business website, you may want to consider using AI techniques. This is a smart way to accomplish more by doing less, and to boost your most important metrics (such as sales and conversions).

In this post, you’ll learn more about AI, and how you can use it on your WordPress website. Let’s jump right in!

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) dates back to 1956, but has only begun to make rapid strides more recently. In a nutshell, AI programs are designed to augment and complement human abilities

True AI is able to learn from experiences, improving the way it functions and makes decisions over time. These programs can analyze large amounts of data, find patterns, and accomplish tasks too advanced or complex for humans or static programs.

Today, there are many applications, websites, and business that use AI, such as Facebook, Gmail, and PayPal. For example, PayPal leverages AI technology to prevent fraud. This lets it more effectively verify customer data and evaluate potential risks.

Artificial Intelligence in Website Development

While there are many applications for this technology, one of the most intriguing is the use of AI solutions in website development. Here are just a few of the reasons you should use AI on your WordPress site.

1. AI Enhances Website Interactions

Some features of AI make the process of communicating with your website’s visitors more efficient. It removes certain communication barriers, and even reduces the time it takes to get a response. For example, chatbots make it easier for visitors to interact with your website.

As the technology advances, future chatbots may even learn to recognize human emotions. This will help website visitors feel like they are having a conversation with a real member of your team.

2. AI Enables Improved Searching

When visitors come to your site, they want to find information as fast as they can. One of the features of AI that has made this possible is voice search. This is becoming popular as an alternative to traditional searches, especially among younger audiences.

In fact, voice search will soon be an essential part of website development. It works based on deep learning technologies, as well as speech recognition. Speech recognition enables AI programs to recognize spoken language and translate it into text.

3. AI Makes the Customer Experience More Relevant

Another thing AI does is help you design your website around the needs of your users. It’s able to evaluate the mood of your visitors and their preferences. Once it has this information, AI can personalize their experience, in order to boost customer engagement.

This AI feature makes it possible to display personalized ads, offer recommendations for purchases, and vary prices. It even lets you provide unique and targeted content to your audience.

4. AI Makes Marketing More Effective

Finally, AI provides a significant opportunity for online marketers through machine learning. There are innovations that enable more accurate market predictions, based on consumer purchasing behavior.

AI can create marketing campaigns based on an analysis of the kind of goods customers are likely to buy next, suitable price points, the times customers are most likely to make a purchase, and more. This can greatly improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

WordPress Artificial Intelligence Plugins

To make it even easier to manage your WordPress site, you can use plugins to add AI technology. AI plugins are relatively new in website development, but have some exciting features to offer.

1. WordLift

artificial intelligence plugin

The WordLift plugin helps you use AI to enhance your content. By analyzing semantics, WordLift provides facts, links, images, and visuals that can make your content more appealing.

This plugin also provides recommendations to ensure that you’re offering the kind of information people actually need. It can keep visitors on your site longer, and even improve your search rankings.

2. MyCurator Content Curation

ai wordpress plugins

The best AI technologies learn over time, in order to streamline your own workflow. For example, the MyCurator Content Curation plugin finds articles online that are related to your site’s industry or niche. You can vote them up or down, teaching the plugin what type of content you find most useful.

This means that after a little while, MyCurator Content Curation will only present the most relevant and valuable articles it finds around the web. That way, you don’t have to go searching for this type of content yourself.

3. After the Deadline (Jetpack)

artificial intelligence plugins for wordpress

The Jetpack plugin is a comprehensive WordPress tool that provides a lot of features. As a part of its proofreading functionality, it offers a contextual spell checker that works using AI. This feature not only checks for errors, but also suggests improvements to your language.

After the Deadline also detects issues like misused words, style errors, and biased language, and provides alternatives you can use. It even explains the errors, so you can learn how to deliver quality content to your readers more effectively.

Reasons to Use Artificial Intelligence in Business

Online companies can use the algorithms behind AI to identify trends and make faster decisions. While this isn’t always simple, there are many reasons to incorporate AI into your existing business model.

1. AI Turns Databases into Useful Intel

Companies can use AI platforms to manage the information they gather. These programs analyze large collections of organized data, such as customer information and sales transactions.

AI software can spot irregularities and trends in this data, to help you decide what strategies to employ. The benefits of using AI platforms for database management include reducing infrastructure costs, increasing operational efficiency, and even improving profits.

2. AI Provides Improves Dashboards for Gathering Information

AI software can also help you create a cloud-based dashboard, in order to collect data from third-party apps. This information offers insights that can be used to improve your business’ key metrics.

What’s more, the insights gained from this type of AI help companies manage their online stores, generate reports, and spot trends in business performance. You can even more accurately predict your return on investment for marketing campaigns.

3. AI Enhances Sales

Numerous AI applications offer recommendations to customers, which can boost company sales. For example, you can use AI that predicts what customers want and interprets the data to provide them with exact matches. This is a useful way to drive additional conversions.

4. AI Provides Business Insights

Finally, some AI solutions offer predictive analytics and insights based on data. This way, you can learn how well your current efforts are performing, and locate key areas in which your business can improve. While you can gather these types of analytics manually, AI is a crucial way to streamline the process.

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Artificial Intelligence is becoming a key part of online business success. If you are not sure how to apply AI effectively on your WordPress website, however, there are ways to find help. Here at WP Engine, we understand how AI can transform your site and company.

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