Best Conferences To Attend in 2022

Planning for your future should include equal parts “getting stuff done” and “learning new stuff,” but with a full to-do list and little time to spare, it can be difficult to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends.

One effective way to keep yourself in the loop is by attending conferences geared towards the work you do (or aspire to do).  While there are hundreds of conferences full of great content that take place every year, there will never be enough time to attend them all. That said, if one good thing has come from these last two years of uncertainty, the wide availability of virtual events makes it easier than ever for you to attend most conferences.

Here’s a quick list of 10 of the best conferences for agency owners, web designers, and marketing professionals in 2022. Not all of these events have official dates yet, but you can check them out and pre-register for the ones you believe you’ll find most beneficial. 

From strategic planning and marketing methods to trends in design and technology, these 10 events will provide you with information that keeps you learning and growing!

SXSW website screenshot


When: March 11–20

Where: Austin, TX

Long-beloved for its showcase of live music, SXSW has expanded far beyond the venue stage.   Sessions for advertising and branding experts, startup companies, tech professionals,, and more will be interspersed over more than a week of insightful content. Hear from industry leaders about a broad range of topics including brand sincerity, accessibility, data-driven decision making, and creating content for the next generation.

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When: TBD

Where: Virtual 

Get actionable advice for solving some of modern marketing’s most confounding questions at the annual MarTech conference. Get inspired by the new ways marketers are using technology to streamline, improve, and innovate their processes for improved results.

WP Engine DE{CODE} website screenshot


When: TBD

Where: Virtual

Born out of the idea that the best developers in the world never stop learning, WP Engine’s DE{CODE} is a 100% virtual, developer-focused conference aimed at helping developers build better sites with WordPress. WP Engine, a managed WordPress hosting company, will share important content regarding the future growth of our products and services.

US STRAT website screenshot

UX Strat

When: June 13–15, 2022 (EUR); September 12–14, 2022 (USA); November 1, 2022 (ASIA); December 1, 2022 (your house)

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Boulder, CO; Singapore; Virtual

UX Strat has different programs for the USA, Europe, and Asia as well as online options to make viewing easy and content applicable to wherever your business is based. The amount of available details varies depending on which event you’d want to attend, but you can check out last year’s virtual speakers for an idea of what to expect.

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React Summit

When: June 17 & 2, 2022

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands & Virtual

For React users especially, the React Summit is a must-attend. Last year’s speakers covered both content specific to React and topics relevant to the WordPress community as a whole, from animation tips to creating a front-end that’s built for scale.

Adobe Summit website screenshot

Adobe Summit

When: March 15–17, 2022

Where: Virtual

This free global event is the premier learning opportunity for designers using the Adobe creative cloud. Learn new skills, find new inspiration, and make new connections with developers across the world to level up your creative skills and design more impactful sites.

Traffic & Conversion Summit website screenshot

Traffic & Conversion Summit

When: September 27–29, 2022

Where: San Diego, CA & Virtual

Many conferences are geared on emerging trends, but T&C 2022 is all about what digital marketing strategies are working for now. For proven practices using today’s technology that you can implement immediately, check out this conference.

Marketing Technology Expo website screenshot

Marketing Technology Expo

When: November 22–23, 2022

Where: London, United Kingdom & Virtual

Emerging market research, new innovations, live demos were on the docket at last year’s Marketing Technology Expo, and this year should provide even more valuable knowledge. Experts from Facebook, Shutterstock, Microsoft, and more talked about everything from strategies for growth to fraud in the social sphere.

Inbound website screenshot


When: TBD

Where: Virtual

HubSpot’s annual conference creates tracks for sales, marketing, customer success, and RevOps professionals as well as content specific to HubSpot users. Last year’s conference covered qualms with a remote workforce, killer SEO strategies, using the data you already have to drive revenue with ABM campaigns, and more.

Build a Better Agency Summit website screenshot

Build a Better Agency Summit

When: May 24–25, 2022

Where: Chicago, IL

Hosted by Agency Management Institute, this conference digs into the organizational stresses that halt progress and provides strategies for overcoming them. Stop working yourself to the bone and learn how to restructure your current team to increase revenue more quickly and with less effort as you plan for future growth.

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

The future of the web is changing rapidly, and changing with it is the key to continued success. Make sure you take time to keep learning this year so you can stay ahead of the curve and keep your clients’ sites fresh and functional!

Any other conferences you’d recommend to our readers? Let them know about it in the comments!

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