The Best Email Newsletters Every Web Designer Should Follow in 2017

A savvy web designer like yourself probably enjoys keeping up with the latest news in the industry, right? But let’s face it – when you’re stuck on a tight deadline or you’re onboarding lots of new clients, it’s difficult to find the time to go read your favorite blogs and find the articles you really care about.

To help you stay on top of the trends while also saving time, you should consider subscribing to email newsletters. Then you’ll get the best content straight to your inbox where you can quickly access it or save it for later. You’ll continue to be super productive with work, but you’ll never miss the latest and greatest news from the industry, either. A win-win!

So to help you get started, we’ve compiled a massive list of some of the best newsletters for designers and developers around the web. Happy subscribing!

The Best Tutorial Newsletters

Dev Tips


This newsletter is a must for any developer out there who’s a visual learner. Dev Tips is a delightful newsletter from Umar Hansa, a front-end developer based in London. The delightful part? The developer tips come in the form of gifs, so you can see exactly what’s happening and how to use the tip. Subscribe here.



SitePoint is a web developer newsletter that started with two guys back in 1999. Since then, it has grown into a great resource for all web professionals. There are articles on breaking tutorials, tech news, and information on all kinds of platforms developers and designers use. Subscribe here.

The Best Business Newsletters

Hacker Newsletter


This is an insightful, weekly newsletter with the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. While it’s not specifically about web design, chances are some of these related topics interest you. Plus, it’ll help you widen your knowledge scope! Subscribe here.

Hacking UI


What do you get when you cross a UI designer and a front-end developer? A pretty sweet newsletter, that’s what! The Hacking UI newsletter is a weekly email that delivers professional tips, inspirational posts, and much more. If your passions are in designing and developing, subscribe here.



Millo is the perfect newsletter for creative entrepreneurs. It’s a regular dose of awesome tips to help you grow your business, plus there are ebooks, bonus posts, and special offers all included. Subscribe here.

Speckyboy Weekly Newsletter


The Speckyboy Weekly Newsletter is full of inspiration for freelance web designers. Bringing the best tools and articles from the design community straight to your inbox, this newsletter will give you the resources to improve your business and make it more profitable. Subscribe here.

The Best WordPress Newsletters



MasterWP is a wonderful weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals. Packed full of high-quality content, it features some of the greatest WordPress news, tips, and tools for designers and developers to use. It’s a newsletter you’ll definitely look forward to every week! Subscribe here.



This newsletter from wpMail will arrive in your inbox once a week with a round-up of WordPress news from other blogs. It’s a great way to receive the best of the best and always stay up to date with the WordPress world. Plus, they post old issues of the newsletter on their site, so you can always go back and look. Subscribe here.



By signing up for Yoast’s newsletter, you’ll find excerpts from their blog, free ebooks, and wonderful WordPress info. This SEO-hub is perfect for bloggers, freelancers, and really just anyone who loves WordPress! Subscribe here.

The Best UX Newsletters

Boagworld Newsletter


Paul Boag, a user experience consultant, shares this excellent newsletter on user experience design to help you become an expert. Every two weeks, you’ll receive great advice on improving your digital strategy and evolving your web presence. If you’re into the podcast craze, be sure to give those a listen as well! Subscribe here.

UX Booth


UX Booth shares stories by and for user experience professionals. They round up the best articles from around the web, plus share some of their own content. It’s a great blend of UX knowledge that’s definitely worth subscribing to, and you’ll get a few freebies, too! Subscribe here.

UX Design Weekly


UX Design Weekly is a wonderful round-up of the best UX articles from around the web, curated by Kenny Chen, a UX designer. This newsletter will help you keep up with the latest tips and tricks in user experience while also providing links to the best tools to help you do it. Subscribe here.

UX Thought of the Day


This newsletter simply shares one UX thought to inspire you to do something differently in your design work. It’s a short newsletter with a simple concept, but it could really impact your process. Subscribe here.

The Best Web Design and Development Newsletters

Creative Bloq


The Creative Bloq newsletter has just a little bit of everything: design inspiration, freebies, how-to articles, fun links, and just about anything else you could want! It’s like searching around Pinterest, but in newsletter form. Subscribe here. 

CSS Weekly


CSS Weekly is another round-up newsletter, but with a focus on all things CSS. This newsletter shares tutorials, experiments, tools, and even jobs. Bonus: their site is just as fun as their newsletter. Subscribe to see what all the hype is about!



developerWorks is an incredible newsletter-hub from IBM. They have their newsletters divided by topic, so you can subscribe to specific ones based on your interests. Topics include development, all things internet, analytics, computing and so much more. Subscribe today.



eWebDesign has weekly news, content, and special offers perfect for anybody in the design and development world. With over 95,000 subscribers, they’re clearly doing newsletters right. Subscribe today. 

FrontEnd Focus


Calling all front-end developers! This one’s just for you. FrontEnd Focus delivers articles about HTML, CSS, Canvas, and everything else you need while developing sites. Subscribe today.

JavaScript Weekly


For all the JavaScript lovers out there, be sure to subscribe to JavaScript Weekly. This simple newsletter has over 127,000 subscribers and will deliver a round-up of the best JavaScript news and articles to your inbox once a week. Subscribe today.

Responsive Design Weekly


Make your Friday even better with Responsive Design Weekly. For fans of the latest trends in responsive design, they provide articles focused on industry-leading content. If you still can’t get enough, try their ebooks and interviews. Subscribe today.



It’s a simple concept, really. With Sidebar, you receive five design links in your inbox every day. Easy peasy! These great resources will make you fall in love with newsletters all over again. Subscribe today.

Smashing Magazine


Coding, UX, web design, WordPress…the list goes on and on. You’ll want to subscribe to Smashing Magazine’s newsletter to stay up to day on all this and more. Not to mention the entertainment factor and design esthetic make it well worth your while. Subscribe today.

The Web Designer


This weekly newsletter is curated by designers for designers. It’s full of fantastic web resources and freebies that’ll help you improve your design work and grow your business. Subscribe today.



Obsessed with typography? Jeremiah Shoaf, a designer and web developer, created Typewolf based on his love of type and frustration with trying to find quality fonts. Now he’s created this site and newsletter to cure that problem. Join the email list for typography inspiration and news perfect for web designers and developers. Subscribe today. 

Web Development Reading List


Web Development Reading List might as well be a book club for the latest in web development. Started by Anselm Hannemann, a front-end developer in Germany, WDRL pulls together the best of Twitter feeds and RSS feeds so you don’t have to. Subscribe here.

Web Tools Weekly


Who doesn’t love new tools, right? This newsletter focuses on front-end development and web design tools. Once a week, you’ll receive a tip or tutorial and a round-up of awesome resources to help you solve problems and be more productive. It’s one of the most useful newsletters you’ll ever receive. Subscribe here.

Webdesigner News


Take the struggle out of panning through tons of RSS feeds and let Webdesigner News do it for you. It’s all the best content for web designers based on code demos, apps, case studies, and all the rest. Subscribe here.

The Best Inspirational Newsletters

Brain Pickings


Instead of the Sunday morning paper, how about a Sunday morning design newsletter? Creatives of all kinds will love Brain Pickings blend of art, poetry, interviews, books, hobbies, blogs, and more. Subscribe today.

Brand New


You may have heard of Brand New from their blog or website, but have you tried their newsletter yet? It’s full of the week’s highlights so you don’t have to spend your time scrolling and scrolling. Subscribe today.

Get Inspired


Get Inspired Magazine is a magazine for artists, designers, and photographers. It’s full of inspirational content and beautiful designs. For awesome creative content, you’ll definitely want to receive this newsletter in your inbox every week. And if you still can’t get enough, you can download the magazine issues for free or pay for a print copy. Subscribe here.

Good Magazine


Ditch your debby-downer news anchor and subscribe to Good Magazine’s newsletter. It’s all the best news from around the world to brighten your day. Informative and uplifting, their articles are on topics like business, culture, sports, money, and communities. Subscribe today.

How Design


A How Design subscription gives you many more perks than just their sweet newsletter. You can enter sweepstakes, get exclusive articles, check out new products, find some neat sites, and join competitions. If you want to interact with your newsletters, How Design won’t dissapoint. Subscribe here.

Inspirational Pixels Newsletter


The Inspirational Pixels newsletter is nothing short of its name. Like many of these options, it gives you freebies, news, articles, code, and also tutorials. Some of their freebies include things like PSDs, HTML templates, and icon sets. Subscribe today.



The newsletter from the Muzli team is a joy to follow. They’ll send you a digest of some of the most popular, inspiring, and beautifully-designed stuff from the past week. It’s a great source of inspiration, and a fun newsletter to receive. Subscribe here.

Unmatched Style


Any web designer or developer should immediately check out Unmatched Style. They provide inspiration and motivation for those designing the web, and also share resources and tools to help you with your craft. Subscribe today.



99U not only has fun conferences, magazines, and books, but also an awesome newsletter for designers! If you have any sort of creative career, you’ll love their email insights. Not to mention, their branding is pretty sweet. Subscribe today.

The Best Technology Newsletters

LAUNCH Ticker News


If you love keeping up with the non-stop technology news in 300 words or less, subscribe to LAUNCH Ticker News. Everything up and coming in the technology industry will pop up in your inbox twice a day so you’ll never feel out of the loop. Subscribe today.

Pony Foo


This entertaining newsletter is all about JavaScript and all things web-related. It’s grown like crazy over the last year and has been quickly gaining popularity. Check it out for yourself and subscribe here.



If you’re looking for a global perspective on innovation, subscribe to the Springwise newsletter. Full of contributors across the globe, this tech newsletter holds tons of new information that can be subscribed to weekly or daily. Subscribe here.



Versioning is another newsletter by SitePoint that is broken down into various sections such as font-end, back-end, UX, business, and everything else. The best description? “Stay entertained and up to date about all things web dev and design. Sarcasm, puns, and the occasional, actual, lol.” Subscribe here.

You may not feel the need to subscribe to every single one of these newsletters, but they’re definitely a great starting point for receiving exceptional content in your inbox. Even if you don’t always have the time to read every link, it’s useful to have a bank of inspiration to turn to when you do have time.

What other newsletters do you subscribe to in order to stay connected with the web design world?

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