Ca$hing In: Best Practices for SEO and CRO in Ecommerce

Ecommerce can be a powerful driver for your business. To maximize your revenue, you need to optimize your site for SEO (to get found in the first place), and for conversion rate optimization (CRO) to influence the purchase once they find you. But, what are some of the best practices for doing so?

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Duration:  1 hour, 11 minutes (includes 40 minutes of informative Q&A)

Hear from two prominent experts in these disciplines – Joost de Valk from Yoast (SEO) and Bryan Eisenberg from Buyer Legends (CRO) -as they talk through some of the steps you can take to improve your WooCommerce site for greater ROI!  While we’ll focus on WooCommerce, these principles can be applied to ecommerce sites in general.

What you’ll learn:

  • Actual examples of a couple of stores – issues and suggestions for improvement
  • How to optimize your shop’s category and product pages for SEO & conversions (CRO)
  • How to set up your product schema
  • How to raise your visitor’s confidence so they give you their cash
  • Bryan’s magic formula for increasing conversions

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Our Amazing Speakers:

Bryan EisenbergBryan Eisenberg
Buyer Legends

Bryan Eisenberg is an internationally recognized authority and pioneer in online marketing, improving conversion rates, persuasive content and persona marketing, and helping organizations improve their customer experiences. Bryan has been recognized by eConsultancy members as one of the top 10 User Experience Gurus, by LinkedIn as a Retail Influencer and he is also an IBM Futurist, he was selected as one of the inaugural iMedia Top 25 Marketers, and a Marketing Edge Rising Star Award winner.

Joost de ValkJoost de Valk
CEO and Founder

Joost is a 35 year old web developer, SEO and online marketer. In the early days of his career he worked in several companies, ranging from enterprise hosting to online marketing agencies. This allowed him to work with several large brands around the world. He founded – the biggest CSS3 resource on the web – in 2006 and sold it in 2009. In 2010 he founded Yoast, which focuses on software, training and services for website optimization. Team Yoast currently consists of more than 40 people. Yoast SEO, Yoast’s main software product, is currently active on around 5 million websites.

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