Keynote Summit/2021: WP Engine Customer Inspired Innovation Showcase

As we learned last year, a company’s website or digital experience is vital to its continued success, and businesses have had to reimagine their online approach to keep up with evolving demands.

To meet these needs, WP Engine has aligned its entire product organization into SMB and Enterprise segments to better serve the unique requirements of all our customers. 

Join WP Engine and its senior leaders in this session as they share recent product introductions and the roadmap ahead for WP Engine’s customer-inspired innovations.

Video: WP Engine Customer Inspired Innovation Showcase

Slides from the session

In this session, WP Engine Chief Operating Officer Jason Teichman, VP of Enterprise Marketing Monica Cravotta, and VP of Growth David Vogelpohl discuss:

  • The digital commonalities required by every business—like performance, security, and support—as well the different needs specific to enterprise organizations and smaller, leaner businesses.
  • WP Engine’s recent investments in our new WooCommerce hosting solutions which can help you achieve up to a 40% faster store and up to an 18% increase in eCommerce sales.
  • WP Engine’s Enterprise WordPress hosting platform, Premier, which empowers customers with the freedom to create and launch digital experiences dramatically faster than the alternatives, with added confidence around enterprise-grade scale, security, speed, and service.

Every organization we talk to wants to make an impact quickly, whether it’s speed to market, time to value or total cost of ownership. Making an impact quickly is one of the main reasons why people choose WordPress and why they choose WP Engine.

WP Engine COO Jason Teichman

Full text transcript

JASON TEICHMAN: Hi, everyone. I’m Jason Teichman, chief operating officer for WP Engine. I’m delighted to help kick off our flagship conference this year.

I joined the company last year right before our virtual Summit and was able to participate as an audience member and saw the team pivot like so many of us had to, from an in-person event to a virtual event. It’s my honor today to set the stage for our customer innovation showcase. Our customer innovation showcase is designed to give you insights into some of the changes we’re making to better serve you and some of the exciting new products launching in market.

This year we are launching and have already launched several exciting innovations ranging from our eCommerce product designed to make WooCommerce better, Growth Suite, the CRM and billing system for freelance and small agencies. Our headless product, Headless WordPress, and Premier, the enterprise platform for WordPress. At the conclusion of my slides, I’ll pass the mic to David Vogelpohl and Monica Cravotta, both senior members of our marketing organization, who will go into more depth on these exciting new innovations. And so to get us started, I thought I would take a moment to touch on some of the things that really inspire the growth and the trajectory behind the WP Engine.

And that is the market we serve. As Heather mentioned in her opening remarks, the market for WordPress is absolutely massive. Over 41% of the internet is built on WordPress and is showing absolutely no signs of slowing.

Projections have WordPress reaching over 50% of the internet by 2025, and in 2011 that number was only 13% of the internet. That growth is staggering. WordPress is running the internet.

And just like the WordPress ecosystem has grown, so has WP Engine. It’s amazing to think that back in 2010 we had just a few hundred customers, and today, we serve over 170,000 customers representing over 1.5 million websites across 150 countries. And with that level of exponential growth comes a larger, more increasingly diverse customer base. And it’s this very diversity we see in our ecosystem and the diversity we see in our customer base that drives our go to market, how we organize and how we support and build our products.

We want to support the entirety of the WordPress ecosystem, but in order to do that, we needed to focus. On one side of the spectrum, we serve over 150,000 SMBs around the world. Some names you may recognize, some you may not. One of my personal favorites is Tacodeli, a restaurant chain serving, well, you guessed it, tacos. For Tacodeli we power their website, which has served so many of us over the last couple of years who’ve ordered curbside.

Another client with special meaning is the MS International Federation. This is an organization that seeks to advocate for and drive awareness of MS among policymakers and lawmakers. We also power their website.

On the other side of the spectrum, we also enable thousands of the world’s largest brands and enterprises. These are companies like Thomson Reuters and Viacom and Volvo and Campbell Soup. One of the brands we’re super proud to work with is Thomson Reuters. We power the 7,500 properties on their FindLaw property.

And while we’re incredibly proud of the relationships we forge with our brands, it’s our agency partners that are the bedrock of the WP Engine. It’s our agency partners that have enabled us to serve this incredibly large and diverse market. The range of the agencies we partner with mirrors the range of customers and brands that we serve. From local agencies like Handyman Web Design and Glide to some of the largest agency conglomerates in the world like Omnicom and Accenture, and of course, the powerhouse agencies in between like Edelman, Huge, and RGA.

And of course, in every large market, there are lots of commonalities and there are some differences. Most of the businesses that we talk to have a set of fundamental needs that transcend their organization size, their location, even if they are an agency or brand. Most organizations we talk to, literally every organization we talk to, wants to make an impact quickly, whether it’s speed to market, time to value, or total cost of ownership. Making an impact quickly is one of the main reasons why people choose WordPress and why they choose WP Engine.

Most businesses also require superior performance. Performance really matters. Every website requires scale and needs to respond to the needs of the business as it fluctuates. WP Engine is absolutely the fastest WordPress platform there is on the planet. On average, every new customer that joins the platform experiences a 40% lift in website speed on day one.

Another commonality across all of our customers is security. Security is job one. It’s paramount to the success of any business of any size. That’s why we invest all of our products with some of the highest levels of security available and comply with some of the highest industry standards, including SOC 2 Type II compliance. Every year we successfully block tens of billions of attacks.

And lastly, customer support. Every customer rightfully expects and requires competent technical support on demand. That’s why we have over 200 technical experts on staff round the clock to serve you 24/7. And I’m proud to say, our support organization has been a 12-time winner of the Stevie Awards, an award given to organizations with excellence in customer support.

And so while many businesses want the same thing, the needs of small agencies and small brands or startup conglomerates or large agencies and large brands do have some fundamental differences. On the enterprise side, enterprise agencies and brands require even higher levels of enterprise-grade security. They require even higher levels of availability and advanced technical solutions to build complex sites. On the other end of the spectrum, smaller customers require easy-to-use and ready-to-go solutions, tools that help build relationships with customers, and easy-to-use site-building templates all packaged together in one solution.

And so in recognition of these differences, we organized into specialized business units. The SMB business unit is designed to serve the unique needs of smaller agencies and smaller brands while the enterprise business unit is designed to serve the needs of larger agencies and larger brands. Our international team covers a spectrum of both SMB and enterprise serving our customers outside the United States. And within each of these business units, there is a dedicated team of leaders ranging from sales, support, customer success, and product marketing all focused on serving the unique needs of our SMB customers, our enterprise customers, or international customers.

And from a product development management perspective, we’ve also lined up how we thought about bringing products to market. Our Foundation product, which is our Manage WordPress platform, and our Flywheel product, which is our agency Growth Suite product are purpose-built and purposely designed to serve small agencies and small brands, while Premier, the enterprise platform for WordPress, and Headless WordPress, our newest headless offering is purposefully designed to support the needs of enterprise brands and agencies.

And so to tell you more about these products, I’m delighted to introduce David Vogelpohl who oversees product marketing for our foundation and final product lines, and Monica Cravotta who oversees product marketing for our Premier and Headless WordPress lines. Thank you again for joining us today and I look forward to seeing everyone at future events in person. Thanks so much. David, take it away.

DAVID VOGELPOHL: Awesome. Thanks, Jason. Hello, everyone. It’s great to see you all here virtually today. I hope you’re having fun hanging out in chat, I know I am. I can’t wait until we can do this again in person.

But as Jason pointed out, my name is David Vogelpohl and I’m going to be talking to you about WP Engine’s SMB product lines. First up, of course, we have WP Engines Foundation Product line, which is focused on premium managed WordPress hosting. Chances are, if you’re a WP Engine customer today, you’re likely hosted on one of our foundation solutions. I’m extremely excited to talk about recent product releases and upcoming investments that we think will make you love WP Engines foundation even more.

First up, I’d like to talk to you about how you can leverage WP Engines investments and our new eCommerce hosting solutions that can help you achieve up to a 40% faster store and up to an 18% increase in eCommerce sales. So how do we do that? Let’s start by unpacking how we make your Woo store faster.

As you likely know, eCommerce experiences are by definition dynamic. What products are in a certain category? Are the items on sale? What does the user have in their cart? These are all questions your website must answer as a visitor loads any particular eCommerce page especially your shopping category pages.

These dynamic requests can build up and cause your store to be slow or fail during a flash sale. Having your store fail during your big moment is not a place you want to be and not a place I want you to be either. That’s why WP Engine is delivering a one-two punch on WooCommerce performance.

First up, we have the power of offloading. Each of our eCommerce plans comes with access to our ElasticPress cluster and one of the secret benefits of access to our ElasticPress cluster is speed. By clicking just one button in the WP Engine portal, you can offload many of the dynamic requests used to build your dynamic eCommerce web pages. Offloading gives you an extra boost of compute power to make your website up to 12% faster and more resilient to traffic spikes.

Next step, we have the second punch and our one-two performance punch and that’s our compute optimized infrastructure available in our eCommerce dedicated hosting plans. And this infrastructure routes the dynamic requests of eCommerce stores up to 40% faster. The result of the one-two punch for you is a faster eCommerce store that is a joy for shoppers to use and is better than ever at turning views on your product pages into views on your thank you pages.

But that’s not all, our WooCommerce hosting plans also help you improve your shopping experience directly. 43% of shoppers, eCommerce shoppers use product search and are twice as likely to buy versus other shoppers. Powered by ElasticPress, WP Engines instant store search feature improves the default WordPress search experience by enabling predictive text, fuzzy matching and misspellings, and custom search results, allowing you to deliver a better product search experience, which can help you increase eCommerce sales up to 18%.

And don’t forget, offloading to our ElasticPress cluster can also help you make your Woo store up to 12% faster. You get all of this value delivered by instant store search by clicking a button in portal, it is that easy. What other button in your life can you click on and get up to a 12% faster website and up to an 18% increase in sales, there’s never been an easier way to make your WordPress shopping experience better.

Next, let’s talk about WooCommerce security. In addition to the tremendous security benefits available for everyone on the WP Engine platform, our new eCommerce plans include access to our smart plugin manager product which helps automatically plugins up to date by validating plugin updates with automated visual regression testing. You can run SPM in production or run a staging copy of your store in order for your team to save precious hours when managing plugin updates. SPM is included in all of our eCommerce plans so you can enjoy an extra pair of automated eyes saving you time and watching your back as your store evolves.

And around us out on our new commerce hosting plans, we’ve also included a genesis block collection called spend which allows you to quickly build landing pages and blog posts integrated with your WooCommerce store and scoring green with Core Web Vitals out of the box. Build 100% custom and Woo integrated blocks with PHP, HTML, and CSS without knowing React or choose from pre-designed blocks or entire content and commerce landing pages full of blocks to empower your marketing team to move faster than ever and to help prevent every landing page requests from being a dev team ticket. Free your marketing team from your dev team’s backlog jail.

The bottom line with our new WooCommerce hosting solutions is that they are packed full of highly optimized eCommerce technology that helps make your Woo store even better by delivering up to a 40% improvement in site speed and up to an 18% increase in eCommerce sales. Now, if you’re not running a Woo store, don’t worry, we’ve got you as well.

Now, I want to switch gears and talk about our investments and delivering effortless experiences to help every WP Engine customer, which will include a suite of real-time getting started checklists so you know exactly what you need to do to have a successful launch. Additionally, we are delivering experiences that help you create and optimize your sites faster than ever. And this example, we can see just how effortless it is to spin up a news site on the WP Engine platform using a template. This template is preloaded with fully supported block plugins and a lightweight theme that helps you go from site provisioning to site editing in seconds.

Even better, this site scores all green on Core Web Vitals out of the box. Non-technical customers love these capabilities of course but often our freelancer and agency customers will use these capabilities to get client sites built faster. Whether you use templates or your own custom workflows on the WP Engine platform, our investments in 2021 are absolutely focused on helping you shape hours, days, or weeks from the time it takes your digital team to deliver value for your business.

In addition to effortless experiences, we’re also making investments and experiences that empower you to take action. We are building intuitive and outcome-focused dashboards that allow you more control than ever over how your site is managed. And while our investments in more actionable control over your website cover everything from recently released multi-site support for Smart Plugin Manager to our upcoming advanced site optimization capabilities, as the VP of growth, my favorite thing to talk about is cash.

I’m thrilled to announce that WP Engine has released a powerful all-in-one caching dashboard so you have the ultimate control over how our global caching layer makes your site faster. No more hunting for caching settings. I’m excited for the ease of use and fidelity and control we’re delivering to you and our brand new all-in-one caching dashboard. Check it out in the WP Engine portal today.

As you can see, we have a lot going on the foundation product lines premium manage WordPress hosting around delivering effortless experiences providing more fidelity and control and helping to make your WooCommerce stores even better. I’m so excited for our investments in the foundation product line and what the rest of 2021 has in store. Up next, what I’m going to talk about is our second SMB product line, which is near and dear to my heart and that’s Flywheel.

First of all, I’d love to extend a warm-hearted welcome to Flywheel customers to the WP Engine Summit. For those unfamiliar, Flywheel joined the WP Engine family back in 2019. Flywheel customers represent an incredible community of WordPress creatives building amazing experiences with WordPress. We could not be more proud of our team in Omaha and the incredible impact they make on their local communities and the WordPress community as a whole.

I had the opportunity to visit our brand new office in Omaha a few weeks ago called The Ashton and it was over the top amazing. Our Omaha crew are some of the most creative and devoted people I’ve ever met. And it shows in the work that they do.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Flywheel, you might not know that Flywheel’s marquee product is Growth Suite. So I want to take the rest of the time here to unpack what we’ve released with Growth Suite so far and what’s going to be coming out later this summer during general availability. Right now, it’s an open public beta open to everyone. But let’s dive in.

First off, Growth Suite helps freelancers and small agencies fundamentally stop living project to project and grow more quickly and predictably by enabling monthly recurring revenue services in their businesses. Growth Suite provides your agency an all in one platform with effortless client and site management capabilities including a branded client portal, automated, recurring, and one-time billing, branded client reports coming in GA, and an intuitive and insightful revenue growth dashboard that you can use to help manage and grow your business.

As a former WordPress agency owner myself, I’m super excited for the power of Growth Suite to help agencies drive monthly recurring revenue in their business. I remember the days of chasing my next project to keep billable hours flowing through and having a baseline of monthly recurring revenue in your agency business can be that shot in the arm of predictability and revenue to help you realize exponential growth. That’s how I think about the value of Growth Suite and that’s what we’re working hard to deliver.

Now, with Growth Suite, I’ve talked about growth through MRR, revenue insights, and ease of use. But what about improving agency margins? Well, we’ve got that covered as well. When agencies combine the power of Growth Suite with the power of managed plugin updates, they get a boost to their margins especially for their website maintenance and care plans.

NPU works by leveraging the power visual regression testing technology of SPM combined with human verification to help validate plugin updates and confirm they don’t cause breaking changes. This mighty team of WordPress experts and advanced AI-powered VRT robots is a service that you can sell your clients or use to reduce the amount of time you spend on maintenance to care plan clients. The bottom line is that when you use Growth Suite and leverage NPU, you’ll get a boost to your bottom line through better margins or new services and new services you can offer clients and you save precious time out of your investment to grow your agency.

Now, of course, we all know that clients tend to not keep sending you money if you don’t keep showing them value and that’s why later this summer in GA we’ll also be releasing branded and configurable client reports you can send automatically or on-demand. As you know, client success reports are a great way to keep MRR customers paying every month, and sending client reports often results in your clients ordering new projects or work from you. If you’re spending your time every month compiling data and spreadsheets to manually build and send client reports, we have the answer for you with our upcoming automated or on-demand client reports.

In addition to providing you the flexibility to include customer information about your services, we’ll also be releasing the ability for you to automatically integrate and Google Analytics into your brand of client reports so you can show the value you’re delivering to your clients’ businesses. Use your branded client reports to also include information on your maintenance and site care plans around things like plugin updates provided by NPU or otherwise, WordPress updates, and much more. With a growth dashboard to help you manage your business, site management to make your life easier, NPU to make your margins higher, and branded client reports and portal experiences to keep your clients coming back for more, it’s no surprise that Growth Suite is shaping up to be a powerful platform for agency growth.

Of course, Growth Suite isn’t the only story from the Flywheel product line, many of you may be familiar with Local, WordPress’ number one local development tool. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, please do. But today here at the WP Engine Summit, I’m proud to announce that Local Pro will be free for everyone.

Local Pro includes incredibly helpful features like SSL for live links, instant CSS reload in your browser, and a built-in broken link checker. These are capabilities that can help you make your site better over time and we want everyone to have access to them. If you’re a Local Pro customer today, we will be communicating with you shortly on next steps. But we wanted to take this opportunity here at the WP Engine Summit to share this exciting news.

OK, enough of the news. Let’s dive in and see what Local Pro does. So for those unfamiliar, this is Local and this is a WordPress instance hosted on my computer. The Tools section is where the pro features will be located when they become available to you.

First step is SSL for live links which you can share with clients and collaborate to help ensure security. Next step is instant reload which instant really reloads the CSS in your browser. And then finally, as you make changes which is super helpful. And then my favorite feature has to be the link checker, which checks for broken links without using a plugin on your live site or you having to pay an external broken link checking service.

And finally, this isn’t a pro feature, but one of my other favorite local features is the image optimizer which scans and compresses images again without the need for plugins or paying for an external service. You can also use Local to effortlessly pull and push your local environment to WP Engine or Flywheel instances using the connect host button in the bottom right corner. Local WordPress development has never been easier and we are so proud to make Local Pro free for all.

Well, that’s it for Flywheel and also our SMB product lines. I hope you found value in seeing what we’ve brought to market recently and what the rest of 2021 has in store as we continue to tirelessly deliver for our over 150,000 SMB customers. And now to talk about our enterprise-focused product lines, I’d like to introduce the one and only, Monica Cravotta.

MONICA CRAVOTTA: Many thanks DV. Hi, everyone. I’m Monica Cravotta. It’s great to connect with you all virtually today.

As DV mentioned, I’m going to be walking you through the product lines focused on our enterprise customers. And I’m happy to kick things off with the Summit 2021 debut of WP Engines Premier, the enterprise platform for WordPress. Premier is effectively enabling the world’s most inspiring brands, many of you here today to scale WordPress. It’s empowering customers with the freedom to create digital experiences on WordPress that launch dramatically faster than the alternative in a world that really demands this with the added confidence of enterprise-grade scale security, speed, and service.

For our customers here today, Premier is effectively leveraging the power and the flexibility of the open source WordPress CMS and we’re optimizing it for enterprise use cases and mission-critical sites. Included in Premiere is SOC 2 compliant advanced security, enterprise infrastructure now with solutions designed to scale with you, creative and developer solutions that empower marketers to be more agile and developers to build the way they want to, and both the technology and service component that allows for continual optimization.

So on the tech side, it includes performance analytics specifically application monitoring and code-level diagnostics so that you’re constantly tuning in and able to adapt and keep your site performing at its best. And then, of course, WP Engine’s world-renowned, award-winning customer success team, which for Premier you gain dedicated account management. And then bookending for Premier again is that extensibility that you can take advantage of for your martech stack with open source. If I was talking to you at one of our live Summits, I would be happy to say we really believe the future is open and so is the bar. But for today we can just all celebrate that flexibility and opportunity to integrate with anything that you want.

So let’s take a look specifically at this new element of Premier in which we are building in scale. We design this product line to reflect the reality that you will often have ups and downs in terms of how much capacity you need to deliver the best side experience for your customers. With our Premier product line, our offerings are designed for a wider range of capacity needs. That’s what we mean by built-in scalability. We’re shifting our focus to simply serve your traffic and remove the need for our customers to worry about specific infrastructure choices. That’s the freedom and the flexibility that you get with Premier.

Now let’s move on to a feel-good topic like the alarming and continued rise of DDoS attacks. We have felt after this past year on planet Earth that we really needed an easy-breezy topic like DDoS attacks. But in all seriousness, the good news and the message of hope is that WP Engine invests heavily in security in order to block attacks for our customers, 109 million on average daily. And in addition to all the technology that we invest in, we also have invested in a dedicated security team and we’ve got that stamp of recognition for our operational excellence in security with our SOC 2 Type II report that ensures that we’re meeting enterprise requirements for security.

So what do you get in terms of advanced security with Premier? Well, you get a lot of things but part of this includes a managed Web Application Firewall or WAF for short with rule sets that are tailored and managed to protect WordPress specifically. To say more about that, with a managed WAF, threats are mitigated at the edge and automatically updated to respond to emerging threats.

We’re doing this through our partnership with Cloudflare which works at the network level screening each request to let the good traffic come in while boxing out all the badness. So you don’t have to manage this yourself. Net your sites are protected from threats and specialized attacks before they reach our servers or your sites.

Another advanced security feature with Premier is advanced DDoS attack protection. Also through our Cloudflare partnership, your sites are protected with their global edge network of 150 plus data centers that have an infrastructure capacity that this 15 times greater than the largest DDoS attack recorded to date. So that along with protections built throughout our network, you are solidly protected. And with a global CDN and smart traffic routing, you’re not only protected but you gain better performance out of the box. So these are just a few of the standout features, you gain a lot more security features like activity logs and dashboards, plugin vulnerability scans, and Federated ID management just to name a few.

Now, last but not least for Premier, and this is a specific feature to Premier with WP Engine is the dedicated customer success team or dedicated account management that you receive. With our core value of customer-inspired, we’re always reminded and grateful for the role that we play in our customers’ lives. And truly, your success is ours and we’re so proud of our award-winning customer experience teams.

So Premier comes with our highest level of service with dedicated onboarding and customer success managers like I mentioned. You receive a personal customer success and technical success manager to ensure that you’re winning at all times. So from White glove onboarding to technical health assessments, monthly scorecards, executive business reviews, and simply ongoing technical recommendations WP Engine has your back like no other.

Now, I’d like to transition to another one of our solutions for our enterprise audience. And this is an area that we’ve been investing in heavily, that is headless. And I’m going to give you a high-level walkthrough of our new headless WordPress platform called Headless WordPress.

In early March, we were thrilled to announce the market launch of Headless WordPress which is the complete solution for absurdly fast and secure headless WordPress. Many of you may be asking, hold on, time out, what is headless exactly? Well, here’s the skinny, headless WordPress is a web development methodology that essentially means detaching the front end and the back ends of your site. Broken down to even more plain English for the marketers out there, this means that the content that you and your teams are writing doesn’t coexist on the same platform as the code that your developers are writing.

So what’s great about this? It allows you to pair WordPress with any number of new modern JavaScript technologies which enables you to push and publish your CMS content through APIs to multiple channels, like that! So over the last few years, I know those of you coming to previous Summits have been hearing us talking about this because we’ve been doing a lot of research and a lot of work in developing our solution. We’ve talked to many of your customers and agency partners out there and we’ve even commissioned our own global research in order to better understand this growing trend.

And what we’ve learned in this year’s research is that 64% of enterprises are currently using the headless approach and 90% of enterprises not using headless right now plan to evaluate it in the next 12 months. So why is headless trending? Well, as it turns out for a lot of reasons. And one primary motivator is the dramatic performance improvement gains for complex dynamic sites that are built in this way. And of course, we all know what better speed, better performance means. Means better engagement with your audiences, more conversion, more revenue.

So with a decoupled front-end, you can create faster experiences because the website only has code to run the front-end site which means it can be more easily optimized for speed. Less code, less weight, better speed. And you think about the backdrop of Google’s Core Web Vitals and being faster versus the competition means you’re going to rank higher for search. Content velocity is another metric that improves with headless.

So to use Gwyneth Paltrow’s term, consciously decoupling in a new clever way, when you consciously decouple your site, you’re saving time by separating content from the presentation layer so that teams can work in parallel. Your developers can be working on upgrades or site redesigns and your publishers or your marketers are creating content. No more bottlenecks. And like I said before, you can quickly create content once and then deliver it across multiple channels. Headless sites are not just faster though, faster to develop, and a faster experience for users, they’re also more secure. When the front end and the back end are decoupled, that attack surface that can be targeted is much smaller and easier to harden.

Now, everything that I’ve shared here so far really speaks to marketers but let me tell you at the end of the day, it’s technologists and developers who are really the voice that is driving this movement. Why? Because they use it, they get it, they’re building with it, and with it they’re experiencing the ultimate flexibility to innovate and to truly engineer using modern frameworks of their choice.

So what are we bringing to market with Headless WordPress? Headless WordPress is really designed to delight both developers and marketers by bringing together any preferred modern JavaScript framework with dynamic front-end node hosting and the world’s number one CMS optimized for headless all in one package. With Headless WordPress, we’ve solved the challenge with any other alternative out there right now of having to work with multiple vendors to implement and have this architecture.

Headless WordPress truly is the complete solution with one trusted partner in us, one simple price, and one place to call if something goes wrong. With Headless WordPress, you’re getting all those developer and publisher tools between WordPress and your JavaScript framework and that performance and scale that you all have come to expect with WP Engine. So we really believe that Headless WordPress is the future of headless WordPress just as headless is the future of the web. We’re working hard and continually innovating.

And even though we just launched Headless WordPress to GA in early March, we’ve already got not one but two new product and feature announcements in the Headless WordPress product line. We’re so excited to share this accelerating pace of innovation with you all so please be sure to catch the next keynote where our founder and CTO, Jason Cohen is going to tell you all about it.

Just to give you a little quick orientation of all the ways that you can learn about headless at the WP Engine Summit today that keynoted Jason Cohen’s that I just mentioned is fit for the future. There was a headless 101 session that will be very educational, a session with WP Engine and Google Cloud Platform, a little more technical and then you could go dive even deeper and get a demo, building modern experiences with headless WordPress and then a great session with our customer Android Authority sharing their bet on headless and some of the great success that they’ve had with Headless WordPress. And then of course, last but not least, we’ve got sponsor sessions on headless with Gatsby and Crowd Favorite.

It’s been a pleasure to talk with you all today. Thank you so much for coming. I hope that you gain some interesting insights and all the innovations that we’ve been working hard on in support of both SMBs and enterprises and getting a snapshot of our four product lines. Thanks again for being with us and look forward to seeing you in other sessions or on chat today. Take care

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