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Drive Agency Growth With Recurring Revenue

Unlock the secret to growing your agency—recurring revenue streams! By providing ongoing client services, you establish a stable, predictable, and highly reliable source of income.

Growing your agency into a sustainable, successful business often seems like an impossible task, and it’s easy to understand why. There’s a finite number of hours each day—creating a hard limit to the work you can take on, no matter how many of those hours become billable. Hiring additional staff without the assurance of new projects presents its own risks and complicates the growth puzzle.

This compounded issue makes one thing clear—the secret to growing your agency isn’t drowning yourself in tons of new projects. So what’s the solution? Offering ongoing services creates recurring revenue for your business, giving your agency a stable, predictable income stream that delivers more value for your customers and even surfaces new opportunities with them.

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Recurring Revenue Means Changing the Agency Business Model

Moving from a project-based model to including recurring revenue can be a hard shift for traditional digital agencies. The industry is built on billable hours and tracking time; set monthly charges for largely automated services just doesn’t fit that model. But for many agencies, recurring revenue means finally focusing on projects they want instead of projects they need. 

At WP Engine we work with thousands of agencies, serving as their hosting partner, technical guide, and dedicated agency support. Through our Agency Partner Program we’ve not only helped agencies grow, we’ve learned from some of the smartest and most creative agencies in business today. We’ve seen how they have finally gotten out from under the burden of logged hours. Our latest eBook explores four of our favorite ways these agencies have driven growth through recurring revenue. 

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Ways to Drive Agency Growth With Recurring Revenue

Maintenance Plans

Offering site maintenance plans is a great way to add recurring revenue while building rapport with your clients. Over the years, we’ve witnessed our agency partners offer a wide range of services that can tack on reliable monthly income.

Turnkey Websites

We know an agency’s ideal client is collaborative, cooperative, and has a virtually unlimited budget allowing designers to create incredible, custom solutions. However, growing agencies are bound to get clients with small budgets and relatively simpler needs. Offering quick, templated solutions can be a less hands-on way to drive revenue and growth.

Reselling Hosting

Reselling hosting is one of the simplest, most straightforward ways to add recurring revenue to your agency’s bank account. The best part? Your clients already require web hosting for their sites, making it an easy sell.

Search Engine Marketing

When you’re working with your clients, a lot of conversations center around growing their business or finding new customers. One way to do that is through offering ongoing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to help grow their brand recognition and drive lead growth. 

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Dive Deeper Into Recurring Revenue

Want to know more? Download our eBook to explore these four ways of growing your agency with recurring revenue in further detail.

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