8 Ideas for Your Next Business Card

Take a look at your business card. Observe the colors, the fonts, the layout. Notice the design and the details. Feel the texture, the shape.

If you were to hand that card to me right now, in one word, what would it tell me about your business? Is it trendy? Established? High-end? Perhaps creative? Or corporate? Does it give me the impression you intended it to?

It’s amazing how much is communicated by that small piece of stationery. Business cards are an essential part of your company branding, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure they represent your business effectively and make a memorable impression too.

Here are eight fantastic examples to spark an idea for your next business card design.

1. Minimalist


Card design: maas

Maas Studio’s minimalist business card is attention-grabbing in its clarity. No frills, no fuss. The black-on-black letterpress and unusual white printing give it a sophisticated, distinctive feel.

2. Clean


Card design: Sadakoa

The Dribbble caption from Sadakoa’s new business card says it all: “simple is best.” The clean layout is a pleasure to look at and reminds me of a website header. Spot on for a web designer.

3. Bright Color


Card design: Roby FitzhenryPhotography and printing: Mama’s Sauce

Roby Fitzhenry’s bright, bold business card for The Black Sheep Agency (a cause-driven brand shop) is unforgettable. Especially because the sheep is white.

4. Typography


Card design: Tyler Sinnott

Hands up if you love typography? Tyler Sinnott’s card uses type as a prominent feature. It looks a bit like a page from a font foundry.

5. Square


Card design: Aubrey Hadley

One way to make your business card stand out is to break away from the standard rectangle, just as Aubrey Hadley’s done with her square, round-cornered card for Ashley Marley Fitness.

6. Shapes


Card design: Linda Hirzmann

The card Linda Hirzmann designed for Gopi Guest House is striking because of its circular shape. Like colors, shapes have associations that can be used to communicate your branding. As an example, circles are associated with wholeness, movement, and nature.

7. Icons


Card design: Drew Ellis for NJI Media

Icons are a great way to share the “story” of a place or business, just like Drew Ellis has done here with Washington DC. It’s like a tag cloud, but with pictures.

8. Letterpress

When you look at Matt Vergotis’ business card, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?


Card design: Matt Vergotis

Dollars to donuts you want to get your hands on that letterpress and feel it. Letterpressing engages two senses, sight and touch, which makes your business card more memorable.

What are your favorite business card designs? We’d love to see some of yours!

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