Exceptional Event Websites Built on WordPress

Every website is unique, but event websites tend to be really unique. They’re not just selling a service or giving you information, they’re trying to get you to physically (well, usually) go somewhere. Event sites need to be enticing enough to make someone say, “I have to be a part of that!” which gives them a little more freedom to be designed “out of the box.”

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are nine exceptional event websites that were built on WordPress.

1. Eight Ray Music

With a full-video background and bold typography, Eight Ray Music instantly makes you feel like you’re at the show. It’s a great use of media and is incredibly effective at setting the tone of the site. Designed by Ri Web.


2. Proske

When you first go to this site, you’re greeted with gorgeous typography. Then as you scroll, delightful microinteractions over the images keep the design fresh and whimsical. While this site isn’t for a specific event, but instead an event-planning company, it’s a great source of inspiration. Designed by PLAY.AGENCY.


3. Leprechaun Chase

Another site with a full-video background, the Leprechaun Chase instantly looks like a fun time. With bold typography, an equally bold color scheme, and a simple layout, it’s an effective site that definitely makes me want to get involved and be a part of this goofy race. Designed by Ervin & Smith.


4. Resonate 2015

This event site uses playful animations and splashes of color to really make a statement. Plus, it’s super easy to find specific events happening during the conference because you can filter by Lectures, Performances, Workshops, and Screenings. Designed by Neil Carpenter.


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5. Ride For The Child

Again, another video background, but this site also gives you the option to view the full video. It’s a great way to give site visitors a preview and entice them to click for more. And my favorite part – if you scroll to the bottom of the site, there’s a spinning version of the logo. It’s a nice touch to the footer. Designed by Webknit.


6. Nordik Impakt

This event site is loud, bold, and to the point. The intricate illustrations mixed with bright red and black color scheme just really makes it pop. And when you scroll, you’re presented just two links: Program or tickets. It’s incredibly simple and easy to find what you’re looking for. Designed by Murmure.


7. Amazed By Science

Because it’s an event for kids, Amazed By Science is obviously one of the silliest and most playful sites on this list. With adorable animations and very simple graphics that are easy enough for children to understand, it’s the kind of site that would appeal to kids (but still gives the facts for the parents). Designed by Clicky Media.


8. Summer Meltdown Festival

This event site features a stellar color scheme and delightful graphics. Plus, their CTA to buy tickets is a plane that slowly flies across the top of the screen. That’s an awesome way to get the user’s attention and entice them to participate in the event. Designed by Lion’s Share Digital.


9. Vitrines Sur La Releve

The Vitrines Sur La Releve site features a parallax design that doesn’t go overboard. The background images subtly feel like they float behind the text, which is a nice way to draw the eye and call attention to the headlines. Designed by Mambo Mambo.


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What’s your favorite event site? Let us know in the comments (and bonus points if it’s built on WordPress!)

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