Jobvite Trusts WP Engine with Mission Critical Marketing Site

Jobvite had been internally supporting and maintaining its own corporate website, and that was burning up internal company resources. At the same time, Jobvite’s marketing website performance wasn’t getting the job done. Page load speeds were sometimes slow, and the team spent precious time, better used on other projects, diagnosing site performance issues. And when traffic would spike, the marketing site would struggle.

“It makes my job easier,” said Theodore Kim, Jobvite Vice President of Technical Operations and Security. “I don’t have to waste cycles doing research and investigation on technologies not core to our own recruiting product offerings.”  Plus, WP Engine has one of the largest WordPress expert support teams in the industry, available 24/7, giving Kim peace of mind.

Robust backend tools allow Jobvite to work faster and more efficiently. Page load times have improved and site performance and uptime are more consistent. And, Jobvite trusts WP Engine because of the company’s emphasis on security.

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