Fueling New Growth: A Deep Dive Into New Features for Flywheel Growth Suite

Using valuable data collected from users across the globe, the engineers behind Flywheel Growth Suite implemented new updates and features that provide agencies and freelancers with a powerful set of tools.

Since its beta launch in 2017, Flywheel Growth Suite has been used by freelance professionals and agencies as a billing and client management solution focused on creating Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Over the period leading up to its launch into general availability, product and account teams collected a steady stream of feedback from Flywheel Growth Suite users, helping them identify some consistent themes across the board. 

Using that information, those teams were able to conceptualize, create, and implement new features that make Flywheel Growth Suite an even more powerful suite of tools!

In this article, you’ll learn about:

Where Flywheel Growth Suite Started

In addition to one-on-one conversations with our customers, our Flywheel Growth Suite team generates a ton of user feedback, which they then use to track and measure responses. Through much of the feedback they analyzed, users didn’t appear to have issues with Flywheel Growth Suite as a billing or client management tool. Quite the opposite, they simply wished it could do more. 

Because Flywheel Growth Suite users host their clients’ websites through the same solution they use for billing and client management, our goal was to provide a better view across all aspects of the client relationship by arming Flywheel Growth Suite users with data-informed insights about their customers’ growing businesses.

After working with hundreds of different agencies, talking with them about their processes and the obstacles that slow them down, our account management team had plenty of insight into the pain points of designers, developers, and the liaisons who facilitate communication between these agencies and their clients.

They regularly spoke about the time it takes to look through multiple sites to check that all plugins and updates are working, the time and resources that go into compiling long reports for clients, and the difficulty of showing their value to clients once a new website is up and running.

So, we knew there was room for improvement, and we knew some of the biggest issues facing the folks who use Growth Suite. From there, it was time to send in the specialists.

Building Back Better in Beta

Back in September of 2020, when our teams were still working 100% from home, we officially deployed the Flywheel Growth Suite team with a plan in place to address user feedback with added functionality. This is when we officially started beta testing for new features. By March, a second Flywheel Growth Suite team had been tapped to help with the development of these new features.

We knew we wanted the improved Flywheel Growth Suite to coach our customers, helping them set up customized invoices that show their value and create predictable recurring revenue. We focused on implementing these updates to improve the experiences of both our customers as well as the individuals and organizations they serve.

New Features Hit General Availability

That focus on creating a better experience for both our customers and their customers led to some improvements, as well as  brand-new features for Flywheel Growth Suite, culminating in a full suite of tools and features that include:

Brand-new features! 

Bulk site management: Save time by sorting through and comparing all your sites by stats, plugins, or site options like SSL certification. Using Bulk site management, you can immediately uncover issues on multiple sites all from a single dashboard, helping you find and fix problems faster.

Automated, branded client reports: Users can create, preview, and schedule agency-branded reports to be sent to their clients. Save the hours spent building, designing, and tracking down relevant information that will show your value to customers by automating reports with Flywheel Growth Suite!

Growth dashboard: With the ability to sort by client instead of by project, Flywheel Growth Suite users no longer have to dig through individual projects to add up their monthly costs. This quick view allows you to see everything you’ve done for your clients at a glance and offers data-informed insights into billing and revenue.

Client portal: Give your clients a peek behind the curtain with unique client portals! They can view invoices, make payments, visit their dashboard, and even contact your team for support if needed.

Simplified billing and invoicing: Flywheel Growth Suite also takes the hassle out of client billing and invoicing with the ability to charge clients for one-time and recurring services (with or without a site attached). You can apply discounts, add invoice notes, and bill your clients in multiple currencies—all under your own brilliant brand! With Flywheel Growth Suite’s scheduled invoices, you can also make sure you’re getting paid on time, as a recurring subscription!

Service creation: Service Creation allows you the ability to customize your already unique list of services. Create different tiers of service, name and brand them as you see fit, and automate billing for those services all in one place.

What People Are Saying

From our own internal teams to the customers who use it, everyone’s raving about Flywheel Growth Suite!

 “A lot of agencies cobble together these different tools from individual vendors and solutions, and having them all under one roof is just such a game-changer—Flywheel Growth Suite is easily the most important piece of technology in my business.”

Jason call, Founder, Handyman Marketing Pros

Keep Growing With Flywheel Growth Suite

With packages for small agencies and freelance website developers and a customizable option for larger organizations, there’s a Flywheel Growth Suite plan for your team no matter how many sites you manage. 

Learn more about Flywheel Growth Suite, how it improves relationships between our customers and their own clients, and how it facilitates predictable recurring revenue—or sign up for a plan of your own—right here!

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