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Research – The Future of Digital Experiences: How Gen Z is Changing Everything – US

WP Engine Study Reveals Generation Z Lives Through Digital Experiences

Gen Z doesn’t distinguish whether they are online, on an app, in a social network’s platform or walking around with their cellphone. To this generation, the digital world is ubiquitous and blends seamlessly with the real world- they price shop in stores, they hang out with their loved ones while waiting on line and they watch their favorite shows together with thousands of friends. This digital experience is their human experience.

So why should we care?

  • Gen Z already influences tens of billions of dollars in annual spending
  • Gen Z will soon be the driver of every major consumer trend
  • By 2020, Gen Z will be 40 percent of all consumers

Brands that can’t adapt to the unique needs and behavior of these true digital and mobile natives are likely to fade into obsolescence and miss out on their incredible purchasing power.

Download the “The Future of Digital Experience: How Gen Z is Changing Everything” to get the results from a 2017 study by WP Engine and learn how to stay relevant with this up-and-coming market segment!

Note: Data from this report is specific to the United States. We also have reports for the European Union and Australia.

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