Hassle-Free Management of Hundreds of Sites

Texas A&M AgriLife Powers Environment with WP Engine Multisite

Texas A&M AgriLife previously had a content management system that Web Production Manager Travis Ward described as “proprietary and heavy-handed.” The system was difficult to use, gobbled up a lot of bandwidth, and took a lot of insider user knowledge to update and operate efficiently.

Texas A&M AgriLife decided to go with WordPress to overcome the limitations of their former CMS, hosting everything in-house. Although the CMS trial was a success, the servers ran slowly. Plus, Texas A&M AgriLife’s hundreds of internal clients wanted unique sites…impossible with the resources on-hand.

Enter WP Engine’s digital experience platform. WP Engine multisite has allowed AgriLife to host roughly 1,000 sites across several multisite installs, giving the users choice and flexibility, but with a certain amount of administrative control.

Learn how leveraging WP Engine multisite proved more efficient and affordable for Texas A&M AgriLife than what they could do on their own.

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